Jan 082016
Happy New Year!!! Here's a catch-up!

They say what you do on New Years is what you’ll be doing all year. Its why there’s all the smooching. This year I decided to hedge my bets a bit more than that so I choose to make sure that both my midnight celebration as well as the few days before and after were […]

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Sep 132013
When I think about you I...

How often do you masturbate? Seems like a simple enough question for a sexually mature adult to answer. But I wouldn’t be shocked to know that many of you reading that experienced a moment of embarrassment, however brief, just as I know that the first thought some of you had reading that question was a […]

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Aug 192013
Gear Whore

I’ve always liked to think of myself as a bit of a MacGyver when it comes to playtime. Theory being that left to my own devices, or with what is just conventionally on hand, I could still facilitate a very satisfying and creative BDSM scene. In a pinch, pun intended, I really don’t need anything […]

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Aug 092013
Warm Fluffies

A little while back I got an email from a young man who wanted to see me. Nothing too out of the norm there. It was just how very young he was that gave me pause. As I get older myself seeing anyone under thirty has started to feel more than a bit like Mrs […]

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Sep 182012
The Risk You Take

Today held a couple of lovely examples of why I do what I do. It’s difficult not to think of the two individuals involved as some how connected, though complete strangers who will likely never meet. And even if they somehow, in a typical small world way, were to meet, it is equally unlikely that either […]

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Sep 172012

After months of serious procrastination I FINALLY got around to doing my website house cleaning. There wasn’t much major work that need to be done, some grammatical issues, one or two spelling errors, a few dead links. I did need to add the lovely Miss Audrey to my site as a potential playmate for duos. […]

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May 282012

Okay..just got here and still doinking around with how things look. Next big step is moving all my old content from Livejournal. Please bear with me…

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Nov 092011

“Dear Mistress Katherine, I saw your internet page and I was wondeirng whether you might be able to help me expand my experiences with ballbusting. I will be in Seattle again soon. I have seen a couple of Mistresses in before for ballkicking and ballbusting sessions. All have been good but none have pushed me […]

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Oct 212011
Amateur Hour

Hello from MIA land. Been, clearly, forever since I last posted. Hoping to change that trend in the not to distant future. Part of my plan to re-energize my poor neglected blog is to move it to either Blogger or WordPress before the holidays. I miss blogging, but am more then frustrated with LJ these […]

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Feb 152011
The kind of email I love...

Breaking the silence and balancing out the previous post with this lovely letter from a recent playmate. “Hi, Katherine, I want to say thanks very much for the exciting and fun session you created last Monday evening. I loved everything about it! Being trussed up, exposed and helpless was extremely exciting. But of course, that […]

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