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And so it begins…a brand new year already chock full of cautious optimism and ambitious expectations. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some serious plans for the next 12 months. And right here is one of them…more blogging!!! Well, more writing in general actually. I’ve been nudged nicely, but sometimes impatiently, to sit myself down, and put my supposed talent at spinning an entertaining tale to the task of publishing some porn. But writing here is always good practice, and goodness knows, I’ve got enough things to say for multiple publications…

First up, Hi! How was your New Years celebration?

Mine was lovely. Hopefully the old adage of what you’re doing on NYE is what you’ll be doing all year. Because that means more socializing with sexy, smart perverts, more orgasms, and more naughty adventures in general. The last year has involved far too many boring ass mundane stresses, enough to dim the shine of the most determined dominant. But I’m fucking done with that noise. Time to branch out and make sure my kinky self, as well as my non-kinky needs, have many sources of nourishment and support. No small task for an unapologetic introvert in a still frightfully fraught world. But if ever there was a time to be reminded what the fight against the evil forces that would silence all that I hold dear is, this might just be it.

So Sunday…yeah…that was nice. Roughly a hundred proud perverts gathered in a perfectly appointed environment to celebrate and get our sexy on. Being a play party as well as a fundraiser for Sex Work Outreach Program’s (SWOP) Seattle chapter and the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom (NCSF) all but guaranteed attendance by a bevy of beauties. Granted it was a NYE party so folks were more inclined than usual to dress to impress, though the particular nature of the gathering meant that latex and leather was well represented. The holiday and the nature of the party also lent a certain chatty openness that isn’t always present at PNW parties even when you know plenty of participants, we’re such a tribal town. But the vibe, and surroundings, definitely contributed to an inclination to not save all my sex plans for when we got back home.

As some of you may know, I’m not super into public play. I’m happy to indulge if my partner enjoys it. But I usually find playing in the less controlled environment of a party to be prohibitive to the amount of focus both my play style, and my lady parts, prefer when I want to really get my freak on.

But when two very dear friends voiced their intent to do a small scene in one of the slightly less high traffic bedrooms I should have known I wouldn’t be content to just watch.

To back up a bit, I had hoped to have a little “pre-funk” at my place before heading to the event, affectionately refereed to as the Fuck First policy. I find it much easier to be gregarious at gatherings when I’ve already had an orgasm or two. But that plan was mostly foiled by my high femme need to look fabulous first. A few hours surrounded by a cacophony of inspiring sights and sounds had added extra impetus to the needs I’d left unaddressed while getting dressed. So while my main man and I watched our pals play, a little flirty kissing and cock teasing rapidly ramped into a bit more and I had to have him get the one toy we’d brought from my bag.

If you’ve never been to a play party before you might not understand the wonder of getting to have sex…while watching others get their sexy on. No watching a porno at home is nothing like this. Sharing the same space, feeling the energy from the scene in front of you, is not something that an electronic device has the capability of conferring. And while the play happening in front of us, as gorgeous as it was, didn’t hold all of my attention…the small, and large, auditory punctuations made our pairing seem shared.

My man returned with the requested item, a single, long, slim piece of red rope. While sitting on the edge of the bed, I had him drop trow enough that I could easily access his cock and balls. Being much more inclined to public play than myself, no additional fluffing was necessary to make up for the small break in stimulation caused by his brief errand. He was his usual long, thick, hard self when I wrapped one eager hand around his cock. My other hand gathered up his sack, pulled high and tight from his erection, enjoying the delicate feeling of freshly shaved flesh. Making a loop half way up the rope I lasso his junk at the base and then wrap it twice before crossing the rope above his dick and lopping down in front of his balls which I then wrap with the remaining rope, stretching them tautly till they are gathering firm and red like a bright plum waiting for a bite. So perfectly venerable au naturel, but I’m greedy, and love how the slightest graze of my nails along the skin of those sweat plums makes him moan and whimper. But why just graze…when you can slap…and squeeze…and pinch.

By this point another scene had started in the alcove adjacent to our bedroom, and the cute couple who had crawled into a cage at the foot of the bed were sounding similar inspired. I guess sometimes a less controlled environment is just what a girl needs because I suddenly knew that I was not going to be satisfied with a little one-sided CBT. I moved aside and patted the bed by way of instructions. He jumped up and lay out beside me, his cock throbbing hard and straining against the rope, was too much of an invitation to be denied. I quickly straddled him, hearing the familiar whimper as my cunt pressed his cock painfully between our bodies. Again, not so inclined to flash myself to the room I tried to satisfy myself with my panties on, but needed the feel of his taunt skin against mine. I rolled over and slipped them off and then rolled back into place on top of him and placed the discard garment onto his face so that the sweetly scented crotch was over his nose and mouth. I start by hovering a little distant of him and pull his cock up against me, letting him enjoy the feel of my skin too, a brief sensual reprieve. When I feel him relax and try and grind against me, I shift my grip on him from strong fingers to sharp finger tips, edging each dagger like fingernail into the gland of his cock. I hold him like this, with pinpoints of pain against my clit, nestle the length of him up my labia, and slowly lower myself down to press his bound balls under my weight. I grind myself against him like this getting off on the sound and knowledge of his suffering just as much as the feel of him against me.

The scene in the alcove has drawn a crowd, while our scene is mostly hidden by the drapes around the bed, but the generalized party noises were proving distracting. There was a place I need to get to, a place that I probably would have been okay waiting to reach if I hadn’t taken off my panties, if I hadn’t ground him against my clit, but at that point I was far too worked up to stop…unfulfilled.

Luckily, while the last couple of years has offered up plenty of things I did not want, when it comes to sex, a few new interesting developments have presented themselves with growing frequency and determination. One of those things is that I have become able to have orgasms just from consensual sadism. While this super power has manifested from time to time in the more distant past, like most superhero origins stories, I’m now learning how to use my new powers (for good, of course) more intentionally.

So use them I did.

Granted with this particular playmate, due to his place in our poly dynamic, it gets to be skin on skin sadism which is even better. So grinding with increasing vigorousness, I masturbated myself with his painfully bound dick and balls, which made him cry out with increasing frequency and volume. When I felt the pressure inside me building to that precious pivotal point, I pulled my panties from his face and locked my lips onto his so that when I drew that final exclamation from his throat thru the pressure of my cunt and the pinpoints of my claws, he screamed his agony into my mouth. Which was the last little bit I needed, despite all the distractions, to achieve my last orgasm of 2017.

My poor, much abused, man had to wait for his happy till we got back home, but rest assured, he did get his first nut of the New Year before the night was over AND we both got a great start to our New Year’s resolutions the very next morning after brunch with some slippery, steamy shower sex…but that’s a story for anther time…

For now…to all my friends, new, old, and not yet met, I wish you an equally well intentioned New Year.

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