Aug 012016

Vacation. Just the word alone kinda makes your shoulders relax doesn’t it. For those of us who actually like our work, and are further privileged enough to live some place that is default pretty, the concept of leaving said sweet life for an extended period doesn’t always have the same appeal. For me the exception to this is Hawaii. I love my city and all the surrounding PNW beauty…but I also love swimming. And, well, the waters around here are notably nipplie. The stress and expense of travel (I really do NOT like flying) is a worthy sacrifice to spend some quality time in a less frigid part of the Pacific while frolicking among brightly color fishes.

So away I flew at the beginning of last month to a tropical isle to day drink, drive around looking at lava, commune with assorted sea life, tap into a bit of local culture and lore, and reset my personal comfort levels around public levels of scantily clad-ness and sun exposure. And despite my best intentions, and 6 sessions of pre-bake at a tanning salon, I did manage to burn my ass again. Twice. Including right before flying home. Absolute crying shame that I’m not a masochist as that was a seriously wasted sadistic scene.

This particular trip was with my family. Which means this trip was also totally lacking in sex. No kink. No prostate pillaging. No CBT. And despite their near constant exposure…no sweet sweet foot lovin.

You should feel sad for me. A poor neglected pervert…bereft of playmates…trapped on a tropical isle. I felt like Ginger on Gilligan’s Island, all that sexiness going to waste.

But then I came home. And my vacation did what vacations do for most people. It made my at home life all shiny and new again. And while my “job” is far from conventional, the common convention of a renewed vigor while on the clock has been complimentarily commented on by those lucky enough to book time with me since I’ve been back.

My renewed appetite is far from satisfied however, I still feel like theres a deficit that needs to be filled after that two week absence. So if you’re feeling daring, if you feel like playing with someone who will demand a bit more from you while giving back that and then some…now is a VERY good time to call…

I’m also going to be blogging more, as I’ve missed this too, so bookmark this page if you are so inclined. Seriously, I’m getting back into writing porn again so things won’t just be getting extra sexy in my Playspace but right here in cyberspace.

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