Aug 292009

Getting ready to hang with my girl for a bit, coming down from the energy high of my last session, waiting for my Thai take-out to be ready…blood sugar too low to type any more so…youtube…

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Aug 272009

ooooooooooo…..three posts in one day…oh the insanity!

This just sent to me by my girl. the song was stuck in my head the other day while we were doing a bit of Prep for an upcoming camping trip…though this version wasn’t what I was picturing its still hilarious. Totally safe for work:

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Aug 272009

This was a question posted to one of the local review boards today:

Wondering if I could get suggestions on toys, specifically dildo’s. Wanting to introduce my SO to the world of toys but want to start slowly. Your thoughts much appreciated.”

Of course I couldn’t help but respond:

I second Jill’s suggestion that you take a trip to Babeland. Make a romantic night of it by having dinner and drinks at one of the many restaurants in the Pike/Pine neighborhood, like Rosebud. I nice rosy glow from a bit of vino will help to loosen you both up enough to actually spend some quality time testing out the many toys on display.

There are any number of toy stores in Washington and on-line. Babeland’s special appeal is that the vast majority of toys, from vibrators to cock rings to dildos to floggers, have samples freed from their packaging. That way you can test them out a bit and get realistic perspectives of size, intensity of vibration, and texture. It’s a very female friendly toy store and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable about all of their products:

As to actual toy recommendations, I’m also a big fan of the Pocket Rocket which is small, powerful and relatively quiet. I’ve also had good times with standard vibrating eggs, also called bullets. I’d steer clear of anything with varied pulsing options as those never seem to match your own hythm quiet right…which is hella frustrating when you’re trying to get off. Both the pocket rocket and eggs/bullets are mostly for clitoral stimulation and aren’t too tricky to hold in place during penetrative sex.

One other toy w/attachments that I LOVE, especially to molest my girlfriend with(as well as a few lucky boys) is the Hitachi Magic Wand. This puppy is the old school classic vibe that many of our mothers had to help with their”muscle tension”. Personally, I think its too strong a vibe for clit based play(has a tendency to over-stimulate) though I know other’s that feel differently. But with any of the penetrative, g-spot stimulating attachments this toy really is magic. Again, a very strong vibe so it may not be right for someone whose never played with vibes before. Either way, I’d recommend letting her get used to the feel of the toy inside her BEFORE turning it on. With the wonderful attachments It’s VERY affective and can even induce squirting.

Here’s where I picked up one for my girlfriend recently. Least expensive site I’ve found and it comes with two attachments. We’ve very much enjoyed the curved blue attachment as well as the white Trinity Tri-gasm and g-spot attachments:

And boy’s deserve toys too. Though the curved blue attachment on the Hitachi works great for p-spot stimulation(just be careful of cross contamination if you plan to share it) I’d recommend ya spend some time on this site, especially the reviews page:

Wishing you many happy, sexy adventures!

M Katherine

Thinking about adding an addendum to it that my lovely girlfriend and I are available for live product demos. It sometimes seems wrong that our sexy time doesn’t have more of an audience what my neighbors happen to overhear.

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Aug 242009

Its not that I don’t love’s just I’ve been having so much fun this summer that I have a hard time sitting down and posting about it. It’s sort of like poetry, you only ever seem motivated to do it when you’re you’ve got nothing else to do. I’m far from lacking in things to do. The sun is out and summer is still very much in gear, but I’ve been feeling guilty about my neglect…as well as getting some not so subtle nudges from folks that miss hearing about my adventures.

So ya wanna know some of what I’ve been up to for the last couple of months? Here ya go:

July, in addition to being ridiculously hot (and making me ever so grateful that I have air conditioning) was also my birthday month. And as I think Cancers, my own natal sign, are so awesome it should come as little surprise that I know a number of other folks with June/July bdays. Even though I celebrated my own birth date with dinner with a couple of pals at one of my favorite local restaurants, I also hosted a big blow out party for myself and a few other moon children the weekend following my special day. The theme, because I do love me the costume party was water. Guests were advised to dress in whatever outfit said element inspired them to. We had a plumber, pirates, mermaids, a jellyfish, lots of blue outfits(including my own), a very sassy sailor suit, and many other creative ensembles. A good time was had by all, including a bit of public sex play. I was not involved beyond being a very entertained voyeur. But it speaks to the kinds of environments that I find myself in these days that people fucking on my back porch hardly blinks on my radar any more. Still, always nice to see people so worked up that time and place seem less of a consideration then body parts.

The big hit of the festivities was that I set up a 72″ x 120″ inflatable kiddie pool on the porch. Because you can’t have a decent water themed party without at least one water feature. Said pool has been another one of the saving graces of the extreme hot weather we had last month. I’ve lost a few days to soaking with friends and neighbors since.

Another bonus of all this hot weather, has been its affects on the libidos of my fellow Washingtonians. This summer something I’ve seen an upswing in is couple’s sessions. There is no generality that I can make as far as how these very special scenes have played out beyond saying they’ve been a lovely new challenge to my usual one-on-one style of play.

Speaking of folks branching out in new directions, I did a last minute volunteer stint at a local event called the Kinky Carnival. As I was there to lend a hand where ever I was needed day of, I ended up pulling some of my skills from my long ago professional past and being a barker for the event’s raffle. Aside from the clear success of our booth I was immensely proud of my city that so many folks showed up to try out some new things at the numerous sensation based booths, charming titled things like submit, spank, snuggle, whip, wet, fire and flog among others. The event was staffed by skilled and engage-able volunteers and the overwhelming vibe was one of playfulness and exploration. The event was held at the Center for Sex Positive Culture and all proceeds from the party were ear marked for the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom, a fabulous organization fighting to insure the government stays out of your bedroom and off your sexy bits. I certainly plan on joining the fun again next year and promise to give ya’ll plenty of notice so those that want to see for themselves can add it to your own busy summer schedule. Here’s a link to the event’s site as well as to a great write up about it, and a number of the other wonderfully sexy things, that should make you proud to be a Seattle-ite and hopefully inspire you to jump on this bump and grind band wagon:

Also involving the Center, I’m working with a team right now on a new monthly party to be held there. The Center has recently expanded and taken basically full control of the collection of buildings they’ve occupied for the last glorious 10 years(they just celebrated their anniversary this June). As a result they’ve had room for even more parties so now, not only are there fun kinky things to do there seven days a week, most nights you’ll have 3 events to choose from, many with joint cover options, so you can party hop. The event is called The Chateau and will be a high protocol, fancy dress/dress-code enforced party with fine-dinning(though the first one will only involve hors d’oeuvres) service stations like boot blacking and grooming/pampering and places to play. Though most of the parties at the Center are very open to D/s dynamics, the general vibe is more casual and social so it can be hard to maintain a high protocol interaction when not everyone knows to not try and chat up the kneeling chick wearing the collar.

I was motivated to this movement by all the fun I’ve had at the monthly Fem Domme Teas as well as what I’d wished was done a bit different. I wanted something like it, but fully co-ed. I and others expressed a wish that there were an easy way for the submissive’s to communicate(without breaking out of role)what their interests were as far as service, play and possible interaction outside of the event. It’s looking like I might be the resident match maker and just keep a clip board of everyone’s preferences.

I’ll be meeting with my co-hosts tomorrow to hammer out more of the details and figure out promotional material but we’ve been given the green light by the powers that be. I’ll keep ya’ll posted with more info as we know it. Our first party will be in October, probably in the early part of the month. If this is you’re thing(or you think it might be)…you’ve been warned.

A few more rapid fire highlights from the last couple of months:

Got to meet Veronica Monet and attend her awesome workshop – Reclaiming the Whore of Babylon. A wonderful, gracious, intelligent and straight up gorgeous woman that I hope will cross my path again in the future. Despite it being one of those “hottest days on record” we had last month(and having a REALLy hard time leaving the relative coolness of my kiddie pool) I’m so glad I braved the heat. If you see her name billed on a sex-positive conference in your area, you’d be a fool not to go see her. She’s got some great sex-worker rants posted here that cover some of the material she spoke of at the above workshop:

And her professional website is here(take note that she also offers one-on-one conversation):

Speaking of fabulous folks in the sex industry here’s plug for a new, very “unique”, individual in my life. I know him as Servant but some of you may already know him as “The Voice” and if you ever have the balls to play with him, he’ll be the big, scary, bear of a guy who will help you bring your dirtiest, nastiest, most sick and wrong fantasies to life. In addition to getting into lots of sexy mischief in private the two of us will be working on recording some extra naughty mp3 and will be available as co-tops only for the brave of heart. You can sample some of his sassyness here:

So no, not retired as one not so subtle nudge from a commenter seemed to imply, just too busy to type. My social calendar has far from cleared but I will try to be more diligent in keeping all my lovely pervy pals posted on my adventures as well as keeping you informed on events that you don’t want to miss either. And, of course, if you want full fledged fill-ins you’re always welcome to schedule time to see me. All of this is so much more fun with facial expressions…not to mention hands on demos of all the kinky activities that seem to fill my life these days.

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