May 2008


Gag rule

So last week I attended another kick-ass CSPC conversation salon hosted by the always amazing team of Allena(CSPC director) and Teri(Academy of Aphrodisiacal Living) . Much inspiring and amusing talk was bantered about. But even though having an open conversation about sexual issues is still somewhat revolutionary in this day and age, this particular chat was considerably more political than


Light my fire!

Much personal goodness has been going on in my life lately that I keep meaning to post about but its hard to find the time with all the afore mentioned good stuff going on. But I wanted to give a quick shout out for this event: My incredibly talented friend Syren is holding a fundraiser event THIS SUNDAY for her


Spring cleaning

This post is a bunch of general announcements and news that has been gathering up over the last week or so like dust bunnies in corners. So here’s me sweepin things out. First an event announcement. I may be attending this event tomorrow night: It depends entirely on if I’m able to talk any of my posse into joining me

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