Here’s a little bit about me and why I so enjoy doing all the deliciously kinky things I do

I was raised here in Washington by two caring and supportive humans who loved, and lusted, each other. I had a good childhood: Running around with other neighborhood kids till the street lights came on; I did Girl Scouts for years; so many camping trips; bi-annual family reunions in Florida involving theme parks. Things were so good that my “rebellious phase” was to (briefly) become a born again christian. Luckily that didn’t take but the local library and my high school drama club did. 

I went on to study theater in college but understanding people more than performance was always the true draw for me. Theater was a great way to exercise my empathy and improv skills and expand my understanding of motivations and interpersonal dynamics. Theater people are also typically a more open-minded demographic. Which was the perfect safe and accepting environment for a young woman with an increasingly voracious and alternative sexuality to start figuring some feelings out. All those sex negative messages that society tried to send my way didn’t match up with how I was raised, what I saw around me, or what I felt inside myself, so they were much easier for me to fight back against. By the late 90’s I was attending local kink community events. My desire to continue to explore my sexuality, and that of others, became one of the major driving forces of my life. But at a certain point, my personal pursuit of sexual knowledge and experience could only take me so far…and it was time to go pro. And in 2003 I did exactly that.

I have met thousands of people who have the same feelings, fetishes, and desires that I do. And the only thing that marks each of us as truly different is where we are on our path to accepting and honoring those parts of ourselves that some people would still like to label as wrong. 

I’m very grateful that BDSM has been a part of my sexuality and relationships for all of my adult life. It is a large and much loved part of who I am. I have happily and actively devoted more than two decades of that life to helping others toward this same state of self love. How we get there, and what that end goal looks like, varies by the individual. But I’ve never seen someone not feel better by spending some quality time embracing this part of who they are.

A few other fun factoids to help figure out if I’m the right Domme for you:
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, and proudly pillaged, the later parts of my forties (shout out Gen X!).
I am pansexual and polyamorous , or as is known in some circles, slutty and greedy.
I identify as a Witch. 
I still love to camp and do it often.
I wear a lot of black.
I’m an unapologetic, utterly incurable sensualist and I have a hand fetish (yep, its a thing).
Despite my ability to talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything (though obviously I have my fave topics) I’m a classic introvert.
I believe that being empathetic and intuitive are pathologically undervalued personality traits.
I believe that people talking openly, honestly, bravely, about whats really going on in their heads, hearts, and let’s not forget loins, is how we can change the world. One act of self-acceptance at a time.

If you’d still like to hear more, and I do mean that literally, the following links are to a couple of podcasts I recorded with the amazing Dr Dick. Take One and Take Two. You’re also welcome to follow me on Facebook Twitter and/or Instagram for updates and random interesting things. My Blog has a considerable back catalog of content and occasionally has updates. These days I prefer the engagement of social media but will be cross posting here to my blog moving forward.

Of course nothing beats direct interaction, so when you’re ready to change your life for the better, reach out.


Mistress Katherine

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