MistressKatheringPersonalHere’s a little bit about me and why I so enjoy doing all the deliciously kinky things I do.

First off… I’m a big ole’ pervert in a comparatively petite body. I was raised in an open and accepting household by two people who clearly loved AND lusted each other. As a result, much of the sex negative messaging that society tried to send my way never seemed to match up with what I saw around me and what I felt inside myself. Somehow I still ended up a late bloomer…but once I got going…I found my groove pretty quickly. Before I even knew what dominant and submissive meant I was already falling into said roles with my boyfriends and girlfriends. As I grew older and had the epiphany of identification, my need to explore and experience all the wonders of alternative sexuality grew just as my interest in conventional sexuality became less and less…if it had ever truly been there in the first place.

A few other fun factoids to help figure out if I’m the Femme Domme for you: I’ve enjoyed, and proudly pillaged, the later parts of my thirties. I am adamantly pansexual and polyamorous…or as is known in some circles, “greedy and slutty”. I’m a local girl but my family is all southerners, and I learned early on its the ladies you need to watch out for…they will kick your ass while being as sweet as tea. I’ve always been a reader, and yes, a goodly portion of that has been porn…or erotica if you prefer a more PC term. I identify as Wiccan, Big Nature is my church and sex is one of the ways I worship. Despite my ability to talk to just about anyone, I’m actually an introvert. I’m an incurable sensualist AND I have a hand fetish…so I pretty much always want to be touching people. I believe that being empathetic and intuitive in this day and age IS a super power. And I live my life in the open, amidst a beautiful, talented and accepting group of pervy-in-their-own-way friends, family, and lovers.

I studied theater in college but its human psychology that’s always been the biggest draw for me. I find people, and their sexuality, infinitely fascinating. It is without a doubt my favorite topic of conversation. And one of the greatest advantages to being an “out and proud” pervert is that people in all aspects of my life, throughout it, always seem to seek me out as a safe place to share their secret sides. Having heard the things I have, I don’t really think I’m all that out there. Well…maybe a little kinkier that the average bear…but I have met so many people who have the same feelings, fetishes, and desires that I do. The only things that seem to mark us as “different” is the frequency with which we act on these feelings, how open we are about them, and whether or not we honor and respect all the parts of our sexual nature.

BDSM and Fetish have been a part of my sexuality and relationships, in one way or another, for most of my adult life. This isn’t just what I do, its a large and loved part of who I am. As such, I see myself as something of an Ambassador for those who can’t visit Kink-land as often as they might like. And I take my role very seriously…even when our time together is far from serious. We are here to have fun after all. But I will always strive to provide a safe, non-judgmental space, an embassy, where you can truly be yourself and explore without condemnation or judgement. Because I get it…I really do…

And ultimately, what ever mysterious combination of ingredients eventually brought me to this place, it is seeing my playmates thoroughly blissed out by reaching that beautiful, but often hidden, part of themselves, that happily keeps me here.

If you’d like to hear more, and I do mean that literally, the following links are to a couple of podcasts I recorded with the amazing Dr Dick. Take One and Take Two. You’re also welcome to keep up on my many sexy adventures, by following me on Facebook and/or Twitter as well as reading my sporadic, but more in depth musings, over on my Blog.

Or, crazy thought, you could just come to see me!


Mistress Katherine

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