Jun 232021

As those of you who’ve contacted me recently already know, I’m back at it and seeing folks in-person again for both domination and coaching. There were a few false starts as the pandemic unfolded, but doing well now, and very much enjoying being back in the playroom again. I have much lost time to make up for.

So how are you? Little pent up? Little more generally anxious about being around people but more motivated than ever to explore your more adventurous interests. Well if it makes you feel any better that is majorly on trend for a whoooooole lot of people right now.

I’ve had the privilege of some fun outdoor groupings and just recently a couple of very sexy and rambunctious indoor gatherings and it is lovely. Still a little weird, but lovely. As folks start to emerge and mingle amongst each other again everyone is decompressing back into life at a variety of rates. Some folks went deeper during lockdown and its gonna be more of a process resurfacing, and I solidly honor that. But some of y’all went into restrictions already worked up and have been chomping at the bit for months, and thats valid too.

But now that things are re-opening, and sexy options are again returning to the table, how much hungrier are you? How much more motivated to take a big juicy bite out of all the wonders life has to offer? Just as chastity heightens the intensity of release, don’t let that motivation, that beautiful build up, wither on the vine. Time to fucking feast.

Personally, I’m already planning kinky parties, organizing Community events, having group sex, and getting more consistent about my daily wank. Wanna be part of my kinky recovery plan? Instructions on the Contact page.

Why waste any more time, when it has so vehemently reminded us recently that it is both fickle and fleeting.

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