Mistress Katherine


Fear not, just tidying up

Hello loyal pervs and potential new people! This is just a brief warning that I’ve got a website update in the works. As often happens with such things, access to my site may be a bit wonky for a moment. But I’m very much still here, plotting world domination, one playmate at a time. And even better, NOT in charge


As Pervs Emerge

As those of you who’ve contacted me recently already know, I’m back at it and seeing folks in-person again for both domination and coaching. There were a few false starts as the pandemic unfolded, but doing well now, and very much enjoying being back in the playroom again. I have much lost time to make up for. So how are


Cause for Hope and Happiness

As I’m guessing most folks reading this know, things are starting to get a bit better out there. Longer and warmer days, leaves are coming in, flowers are starting to bloom, and more and more people are getting vaccinated! I’ve been fully vaccinated for a couple of weeks now but have been waiting till the rest of my pod had


Happy New Year!

Here’s to a much sexier year ahead. Lord and Lady knows it wouldn’t take much. Personally I’ve resolved to push my own boundaries and am determined to Maguyver as varied and vibrant a sex life as possible in 2021 despite current conditions. Because seriously, fuck 2020. I had felt it prudent to close up shop for the last few months


Perving during a Pandemic

Hey there. So as you might have noticed if you didn’t jump to this page first, there’s been some changes to the website, and my practice, necessitated by the considerable changes in the world we live in. I’ve updated my Home page and Personal page a bit but more important changes worth familiarizing yourself with are on the FAQ, Games,


Be Mine

Here’s a rambling post about the recent holiday, may it inspire you to your own acts of unapologetic pervyness. First things first, I think Valentine’s Day is pretty much money motivated, mass-marketed, monogamy propaganda. I’ve felt like this when I’ve been single, and when I’ve been in relationships, including the current lovely and long-lived one I’m in now. Seriously, this


Crowned Cheesecake

Took this pic for a friend but felt like sharing with y’all. The crown is ceremonial, not as yet officially sanctioned. But you’re still welcome to show your allegiance to my Kinky Kingdom now by setting up a playdate this month. Demonstrations of devotion from a distance are also always appreciated. Spa gift cards are particularly welcome this time of


What a Sexy Tool

Life, sex, and comedy are all about timing…occasionally things purchased and shipped together from my wishlist will imply some potentially very interesting “off-label” use… For the record, only one of these things is ever going anywhere near anyone’s butt.


Still here…still having fun…

Sometimes I forget that not everyone is on social media. I’m going to try and be better about posting what I share on Facebook and Twitter, selectively, here as well. This moment was captured a few days ago in honor of a friend frighting cancer. She started a tradition of wearing tiaras on treatment days and I and her many


Happy New Year!!!

Hey there Pervs. Thanks for stopping by. Here we go. A brand new year. I’d considered doing a post about how I’m gonna be posting more…but looking back over previous entries, pretty sure that statement is as kiss of death as other things you shouldn’t say around December 31st. Like “Surely things couldn’t get any worse”. Or “I feel like

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