September 2009


The week in review

Sitting here, enjoying the sunshine and posting about pervy things. Life is good. Quick rundown of all the fun stuff from last week. Things got off to a very inspiring start on Monday as I reconnected with a playmate who I hadn’t seen in many many months. He’s kept me updated on all the wonderful, though very difficult, personal work


Things just got a whole lot scarier…

As often happens with the approach of Fall my life seems to be bursting lately with fun opportunities and fabulous people. You know how you have those things that you’re interested in…but the timing never seems to work out. Or you’ve got a great idea and lack the motivation or man power to make it happen. Two big things that



Coding is such a pain in the ass…but then there’s the great feeling of smarty-pants accomplishment when I’m done…and everything is exactly like I want it. Still need to add some stuff to the Contact Page, and will be updating the home page later this weekend. But the big work, overhauling the FAQ page to reflect some very exciting new


Tentacle Drive-by

Decompressing from my off-and-on week out at Paradise Unbound. Getting ready to do a bit of naughty mps recording with my lover Servant. And trying not to be too sad that this year, like last, will lack an indian summer. Some fun sexy stuff to report but no time today, so for now I offer up this tasty bit of

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