Nov 212010

Haven’t posted in forever so I thought I’d offer up a bit of snarky humor in amends.

So..take it away Mr Ed(name and a few potential identifiers changed to protect the clueless)…

“I’m into 4 legged ponyplay, piggyback rides, and many other things. I didn’t see these things on the site, are you flexible on this?

I would like to make a video of a session with you and sell it would that be OK with you? I want full ownership and rights to it. If you don’t want to be identified in a video I’d be OK with you covering your face. Mine will certainly be covered. I can be flexible about payment and if I actually make any money I’ll definitely sign up for many more sessions and maybe pay extra per session depending on how much I make.

I’m *height on the shorter side* and weigh *less then a lot of girls*. I haven’t played pony since I was *pre-pubescent*, but I found it oddly erotic even back then.

If this doesn’t appeal to you would you please tell my why and could you recommend someone I can go to near Seattle? I’ll carry male or female riders as long as they’re physically fit, but I don’t like fat people. Also, do you know any male or female subs who’d like to do videos like I described?

What are your rates? Sorry if I missed it on the website.”

My, not nearly as snarky as it could be, reply…

Well Mr Ed, since you asked why I’m not jumping at the bit to take you up on your sweet deal…here ya go…

If you want to shoot porn, fine. Advertise your interest in doing so, check the going industry rates and offer them, be honest about your complete lack of experience and unwillingness to share the spoils and fully expect that if you point out that you’ll be the co-star in this little production you won’t get a lot of nibbles. Maybe if you didn’t have such insensitivity and issues with “fat people”…

If you want to see a Pro Domme to consensually explore your kink and perhaps get some real time actual EXPERIENCE, read their website FULLY and then contact one. But don’t expect any more photographic memories then what you can hold in your pervy little brain, especially since you have no intention of saving hard copy images for your own “personal, private use”.

I’m not a porn star…so I don’t advertise myself as one. Nor am I a pimp, procurer or talent agent so I won’t be giving you the names of any available(and stupid) dominants or submissives who’d be interested in getting scammed by a complete stranger. I won’t even suggest places where you could connect with, and possibly be educated by, members of the local kink community…since you’re motivation is so clearly financial first.

There’s nothing wrong with your kink…but that you see nothing different between a bargain basement porn star and a Pro Domme isn’t going to win you many playmates personal or professional.

M Katherine

Worth pointing out that I was just having a conversation last night that, among many other wonderful kinky things, involved an expressed interest in pony play. AND I have an acquaintance who I just found out makes soft core animal play porn and I was mildly intrigued.

But Mr. Ed here doesn’t know me, couldn’t even be bothered to read my website well enough to see what my “rates” are…or to read that I NEVER discuss such things. And the whole thing has the air of a mass fishing email since there are no personal identifiers like my name, why he’s contacting me in particular, or anything about me, really.

And there in lies the difference between playing pony…and just being a horse’s ass.

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