Mar 262009

My good buddy TJ, knowing my fetish for long aquatic arms, usually as represented in Hentai(the sick and twisted branch of the Japanamation Porn industry) sent me a link to this fabulous blog last week.:

Though it does mostly have to with actual real world tentacled creatures, like octopi, squid, cuttle and jelly fish, and NOT so much with sex-crazed many “armed” demons, it’s an awfully fun read and often has links to great tentacle inspired art work, jewelry and swag. Like this lovely outfit that will be my gift to the first spawn any of my breeder pals creates:

Speaking of sex-crazed demons, I’m seriously in lust with these illumination fixtures:

I did end up buying the bottom necklace in this picture. A friend of mine has one too and I’ve been in serious envy of it since I first saw her wearing the damn thing. It was either buy my own…or break into her apartment and steal hers.

And for all my Steampunk pals, you’ll want to check out these two links:
The guy raises(and occasionally bottles) cuttlefish???!!!
A great source for, well, cool dead stuff.

Shopping aside, it’s a great blog to check out if you’re even the littlest bit of an earth science geek. There’s good stuff to know on there even if you’ve already heard that golden showers are the best treatment for a jellyfish sting.

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Mar 252009

For your completely pointless time suck enjoyment…I share with you the Hero Maker

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Mar 222009

So despite my plans and many good reasons for going, I did not make it to last weeks HUMP. I was unexpectedly attacked by a 5’9″ squirrel and ended up staying home for some private sexy chat and play.

But it does sound like I missed quite a party. The pre-play discussion this time around was orgy etiquette, which actually managed to inspire a full blown orgy later that night. I’m sure it was quite the sight to be seen. Though the curtain was back in place between the masturbation area and the rest of the play space this time around, so if it was viewed by solo players, it was through a soft fabric haze. But the party-for-one kids did get their very own private show at some point that night as a generous and exhibitionist couple bridged the gap and set their scene in the self-love section.

The debate on this issue has been fairly heated but I’m actually really proud of how, aside from some unnecessary derogatory terms for the self-love crew(which were addressed and people fixed their language), the conversation has been surprisingly flame free. It’s always so nice when a discussion can be productive instead of just a bunch of whining and name calling. But as last week’s HUMP seems to have attested, people can challenge themselves and change their minds.

My new plan is to attend HUMP next week which, while still a lot of fun, might prove to be more controversial in its set up. Copied from the Center’s website:

“What’s going on with the Solo space this week?

This week will feature the intense set-up, with the solo space and the cuddle/romp pile separated by the columns. Sheer curtains will hang between the spaces. The sheer curtains will be Open from 10:00-11:00, and clear signs and announcements will remind you.

Hump will feature public sex futons on the dance floor outside the solo space and not in view of the solo space tonight. And Hump will add some tables for social interactions to the end of the dance floor as well, out of view of solo space”

Since the event organizers are giving folks plenty of warning, hopefully there won’t be as much fall-out this time around. I’ll keep my legs crossed just in case.

As I mentioned in my last post, tonight I’l be attending the monthly masturbation party, And I touch Myself. Extra special bonus is that I will be accompanied by the afore mentioned giant attack squirrel, who is in truth, a lovely, willowy built, red-headed goddess. She sort of looks like me…if you’d put me on a rack and stretched me out for another foot, but we have the exact same hair, dark blue eyes and perfectly pale skin, though she scored more freckles. She’s also notably younger then I am, so much so that its insanely tempting to fuck with people by saying she’s my daughter…and then thoroughly making out with her in front of them.

Who knows, maybe I’ll put my plan into action tonight at the party. Even without such porno-rific role-play we are sure to cause a stir. I have no intention of putting on a public sex show while there…but we do tend to have a hard time keeping our hands off each-other…maybe just a little bit of wrestlie tickle torture. Though I don’t even think its bragging to say that we could both be sitting at a table doing our taxes while wearing ski suits and still provide plenty of masturbation fodder.

Speaking of said sexy girlfriend, which is sure to happen many times on here, I want to put it out there to those of you who I have played with in the past that she and I are available to session together. This is not an option that I’ve really put too much effort into offering with other playmates, but she and I have a very similar energy that we’d both feel comfortable sharing. That she is lifestyle, in addition to having experience in the professional realm, has certainly helped motivate me in this direction. That she is gorgeous and likes to laugh as much as I do, should certainly sweeten the pot for any of you who have been curious what it might be like to be the focus of someone like me times two.

As usual, if you want to play twenty questions, send me an email. If you just want to go ahead and lock down a day/time, give me a call. For the foreseeable future, this option only exists for returning clients.

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Mar 172009

And here’s some of the things going on that will keep it that way for awhile.

Hitting the youth group party at the CSPC tonight because I have a play date with a luscious lady friend. At last month’s party I was doing spanking tutorials as part of their pre-party tasting. She was hoping to improve the skill set of one of her new playmates so she brought him over and offered herself up as the live model for our lesson. I’m not sure if said lad has moved on, didn’t have an impressive enough learning curve or she just liked my particular play style, but she’s asked for a re-match. I had a lot of fun playing teacher that night but it’s different when you’re just getting your kinky groove on, don’t have a group of folks waiting for their turn, and haven’t been instructed to not abuse your power with the molesting of young nubile flesh. I didn’t get any apples that night but I think I did pop a few cherries.

The educational side of things this evening has to do with artful, but fast, clothing removal for those nights when buttons are just too much to be bothered with. I hope that somewhere in the midst of this evening’s fun there will be some acknowledgment of the holiday. I’m passing on staying true to my genetic heritage and spending the day/night in some boisterous bar working my way to the bottom of a whiskey bottle. However, I may be taking some lessons from my astrological mascot in this commercial:

Gil “the crab” is my new favorite-ist thing(seriously, there might need to be a logo tank-top purchase involved) and was brought to my attention by my beautiful and beloved Squirrel. The sequel to the original commercial is pretty priceless too. I fully appreciate the likes of David Mamet and Aaron Sorkin, but sometimes silly little things like this just freakin kill me.

Tomorrow I’ll be attending HUMP, also at the CSPC. There’s been a bit of a fuss over one of the activities at the event and I’ve weighed in a number of times on general principle. But it only seems fair that I show up and see for myself what some folks have been complaining about. Though my not so secret agenda is to actually help bridge the gap between those who are complaining and the folks being complained about.

The basis for this fight has to do with a subject very close to my, um, “heart”, and one that I have posted about in this journal on a number of occasions. Seems that in an effort to make certain members of this event, the self-love crowd, feel more like a part of the group, a curtain was removed which separated them from the view of(and the viewing of) some of the rest of the event’s participants. I’m gonna wait till after Wednesday night to do my own rant on the subject but it says a lot that even in one of this state’s bastions of sex-positive culture something as, I feel, innocuous as masturbation can freak out so many people.

To follow up on that field trip, I’ll be skipping this month’s Saturday costume party to conserve my energy for the also monthly full-power/judgement-free masturbation party, And I Touch Myself. I suspect there will be drama at the HUMP and I’ll want to refresh myself with an event that is truly supportive* of solo as well as partnered play.

Lastly, to give some of my pals who are sure to want to check this out a little more notice, here’s the flyer and info for the sure to be amazing Steampunk party on the 28th.

*the event organizers of the HUMP have been really great during this whole debate and that comment was not meant as a jab at them but me airing my frustration with some of the attendee’s close-mindedness and lack of understanding and respect.

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Mar 132009

I found out about this wonderful animated movie awhile back on Susie Bright’s blog. Inspired by a recent mention of it, I did a bit of googling to see if it was out yet.

Not only has it been released but the creator, Nina Paley, has sent it out into the world with a “Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License” and on the films website she states:

“Please distribute, copy, share, archive, and show Sita Sings the Blues. From the shared culture it came, and back into the shared culture it goes.”

Here’s the website where you can read all the innovative things she has to say about this method of distribution:

It truly is a bit of creative wonder. I strongly suggest you give it a watch. I viewed it at the following website, was able to get it full screen and it ran seamlessly. It’s about an hour and a half long and includes an animated intermission:

If you like it pass the good word along. And if you have the means help get your local cinema/art house to show it or just send her the $10 you’d have paid to see something like this in a theater.

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Mar 082009

That’s right. Time again for another one of the fabulous monthly Fem Domme Teas at the Center for Sex Positive Culture. I am excited albeit a bit apprehensive this time.

Last month’s tea was much fun and included the added treat of helping a pal celebrate her birthday. Of course given the event’s theme, as well as the taste of the lady in question, she was giving out her birthday spankings not receiving them. She’d already found herself a new friend in the person of a respectful older gent who’d been massaging her shoulders and back while she and I chatted. So it was only too easy to “reward” him by letting him play the part of royal whipping boy. We might have fibbed just a bit on the age of the birthday girl to help keep things interesting. I’m fairly certain she hasn’t spent 65 years on this planet…at least not in this incarnation.

My effort, aside from supplying the impliments(though for the record there are always a number of nice toys provided by the event organizers) was focused on keeping our probably not-as-masochistic-as-he-was-being-treated play thing in a at least some what pleasant state with lots of head and sholder petting. Masochistic or not, he was certainly endorphin flying by the end so a good time was still had by all.

My nervousness simply has to do with attendance. The first Tea I went to, while very fun, was a bit imbalanced with the female to male ratio being roughly 2/1. But as I suspected would happen, word got out and last month’s party saw a considerable swelling in numbers as well as a near perfect balance of the men to women quota. If this trend continues, I will be not at all surprised if there aren’t just more folks at today’s Tea but that the pendulum will continue its swing and there will be more servants then ladies to be served.

Of course I want the event to be a raging success. It is so nice to not just see this power dynamic but to see it in such all encompassing quantity. I just don’t like crowds and worry that the conversations I’ve had with the other Dominant ladies will be harder to achieve with a physical, as well as auditory, increase in volume. I imagine that this one might be the turn of the tide on whether we need to take over the larger Center space.

Besides which I already have two sure to be wonderful conversations planned with two lovely ladies. One I have chatted with all too briefly on a couple of occasions and have yet to be able to match my schedule with for more in depth talk. The other naughty miss, I know very well, but today I get to meet one of her regular playmates. It will also be her first time attending one of the teas and I’m excited for her to see for herself what all the fuss is about. Extra bonus, do to a last minute going away party invite we’d had to move our last date from Friday to tonight. So I get to watch her go all kid in a candy store and then throughly take adavantage of her sugar high later.

Life, it is as sweet as southern tea.

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