How to schedule an appointment:

When you have read thru this charming website and rightly decided that I am someone you need to know please introduce yourself by email. Make sure to let me know what type of appointment you would like to start out with, Coaching or Domination.
If you would like to set up a video or phone appointment for Coaching or Distance Domination your email should include what days and times work best for you, a few words about your situation, and what you hope to discuss. You can find my email address below, and skip this next part.
If you are interested in scheduling an In-Person Coaching or Domination Session please be sure your initial email includes the following: your full name, your age, your phone number (which I would only call/text with permission), a brief introduction and general statement of your interests, the preferred dates and times that you hope to see me, AND the following identity verification/references information.

Screening process for In-Person Sessions:

For my safety, everyone who intends to see me in-person must complete this process which can be done thru: identity verification; at least two recent verifiable provider references; or a combination of both. I thoroughly enjoy seeing new people, so please don’t feel discouraged if you don’t have references. How cooperative and forthcoming you are with my verification process will make all the difference. I will not discuss activities or exact scheduling options until this step is completed.

For identity verification you may use: your current and mostly public social media account/s(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram); a business networking profile(LinkedIn); a personal or professional website; a company website where you are pictured and listed by name; news and/or professional articles about you. You must provide direct links to these pages or websites, do not just tell me the name the accounts are under.

If supplying references for screening, you need to include: the provider’s name, email address, and a direct link to their website(which they must have to qualify); the date you last saw them (must be within the last year); the contact information and identification you used with them if different then what you’re using with me; something unique about yourself that they might remember. The latter is more likely to be related to personal things than what your kinks are or what you did unless both are notably unique.

What next?

Assuming everything looks good and our interests appear to align I’ll reply back by email typically within 24hours. If we’ll be doing a phone or video session of either flavor, full payment is due once we schedule your appointment to hold that time and is non-refundable. I am happy to transfer the value to a rescheduled appointment once, as long as I’m given at least two hours notice. If I’ll be seeing you in-person and you’ve successfully completed my screening process, we’ll figure out the best day/time for our playdate and coordinate our day of check in. I may have a few more questions for you to streamline things when you arrive. At this time I don’t require a deposit for in-person appointments but please see below regarding cancelations.

What to expect the day of your in-person appointment:

We’ll have set a time, typically a few hours before your appointment, to touch base by email. Once we’ve confirmed we’re both mostly on track I’ll let you know exactly where you’ll be going for our appointment and provide a few other arrival details. 

Once we are in my space please place the tribute on the entry table and remove your shoes. We’ll do a quick verbal check in regarding your interests and limits unless you’ve requested the pre-session chat or an hour of coaching to start your appointment. You’ll then be given the chance to use the restroom to freshen up before we dive right in. Please plan to arrive sober, well-rested, well-groomed, properly fed and hydrated, and ready to explore.

Why haven’t I heard from you?

I try to reply within 24 hours to all respectful inquires that have followed my instructions. I do, from time to time, run off into the woods where wifi can’t find me, but most likely if you have not heard back from me in three days one of two things has likely occurred. 1) Your email, or my response to it, may have gotten lost so please try again. Titling your email “Session Request” or “New Client Introduction” or “Please help me Mistress Katherine you’re my only hope!” reduces its chance of accidentally ending up in my, or your, spam folder. Option 2) You didn’t come anywhere near to following my instructions and/or said something super inappropriate.  If you are concerned that you accidentally did option 2, you most likely fell afoul of option 1 (or maybe I’m camping) because people guilty of option 2 don’t often second guess themselves.

And I haven’t posted it here for a reason, but if you happen upon my phone number somewhere else, don’t bother calling it. I have long since given up answering calls from numbers I don’t recognize as even the few that aren’t typical junk calls are always time wasters. Unexpected texts from anyone but well established clients regarding scheduling is equally unlikely to win my kind regard or result in a response.

What if I need to cancel?

I understand that plans change, we are living in very unpredictable times, and sometimes we don’t get as much warning as we’d like. But particularly for in-person sessions please give me as much notice as possible if you will not be able to keep your appointment, especially if you think you start to feel sick or see a potential scheduling conflict developing. Even if you still want to stay optimistic, you should let me know immediately. Cancelations of less than 24hours will require a non-refundable deposit to reschedule. Cancelations after the day-of confirmation call will also incite a $75 cancelation fee. No shows require payment of the entire missed appointment to avoid ending up on the national blacklist.

*All tribute is for my time and/or a “fantasy show” only. No offer of any other service or activity is to be implied, insinuated or otherwise agreed upon. Any attempt to connect the tribute to an illegal act will result in immediate termination of communication. All interaction beyond a “fantasy show” is between two or more consenting adults and has nothing to do with any financial arrangement. By contacting me, you are agreeing to the above terms.

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