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Gift Ideas

Looking to demonstrate your adoration from afar or show your immense gratitude for time soon to be, or recently, spent in my presence? I Try and keep my Amazon Wish List updated with helpful, if sometimes random, suggestions.  You are always welcome to order something from said list and bring it with you to deliver in person.

Fabulous Friends

Tiny Phryne
An absolute petite treat who matches my playful temperament perfectly when we pair up. Though we also enjoy it when her behavior needs…correction. She is frequently deserving of both spoiling and discipline.

Sarah Nicole
I’ve known this beauty for many years, but it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to fall under her spell. One of the sweetest women I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Charming, passionate, and gracious she has the gift of making everyone she interacts with feel instantly at ease. 

Domina Jane
A lovely lass that I’ve known for over decade. Similar in stature and build to myself, we might even be sisters and in more than just sadism and sensuality. But unlike real sisters, we’re extremely good at sharing our toys.

Secret Amy
As vertically generous as I am conservative, the two of us make a perfect pervy set. Despite our size differences we’re both equally voracious, devious, and experienced. So be prepared to be overwhelmed in the best of possible ways.

The Wonderful World of Dr Dick
Once upon a time I recorded a couple of podcasts with the amazing Dr. Dick. In addition to being an amazing man and fierce warrior for the Sex Positive Movement he is also a therapist and has one of the more surprising back stories that I’ve heard…and I’ve heard some stories. I’ve linked those podcasts on my Personal page but his whole site is a great read/listen.

Other Sexy Links

The Center for Sex Positive Culture
Seattle’s own accessible sex club, emerged from the ashes, reborn into a new home and a more limited, but energized, calendar of kinky events. The CSPC continues to be one of the best places for those just starting their search for community.

Affectionately refereed to as Facebook for Perverts, this social media site is a good place to find the sexy scene in which ever city you find yourself in. Like that other, less boobalicious social networking model, you make a profile and start checking out groups based on areas and activities of interest. As with all Social media, play nice, you never know who knows whom.

The Infamous Aneros
A must visit website if you have a prostate (or like playing with people who have prostates). In addition to selling one of the best toys on the market for self stimulation of the male G-spot, they’ve got a wealth of info about butt play.
My favorite non-corporate, queer focused, fetish friendly sex toy shop. Great place to check out if you’d like to see (and touch) a wide variety of toys first hand. They also have a pretty impressive on-line store with reliable customer reviews on most of the products.

The following site contains adult material so if you are a grown-up and like that sort of thing, Welcome!!!

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