Apr 202016

Wanna know where all the sexy people will be this weekend? We’ll be at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall checking out all the sexy art and all the other sexy people!

“How do I get into “the scene”?” and/or “How do I meet/find other fun kinky people?” is a quandry that comes up for a lot of my clients. This right here is a wonderful, and uniquely accessible, place to get exposed to, and interact with, other pervs. It’s also a fairly low impact (pun intended) place to see some of the fun stuff we like to get up to. Volunteering is always the best way to meet new peeps, but attending has its own perks as you are unlikely to find Seattlites more flirty then at this annual event.

The evenings are where things get fun, and the self description of an art party is apt. Theres booze and DJs, and performances and PNW people actually dressed up…for the ballroom AND the bedroom. And all of it swirling around one of the most unapologetically sexual collections of art you are likely to find anywhere. And really…whats not to like about that???

Feel encouraged to pick up some of that amazing art while you’re there because not only are you sure to find at least one piece that…*ahem*…does something for you…but you’ll be helping out a great organization that does/has done a whole heck of a lot toward making sure this town is sex positive enough to even have an event like this.

The Festival

If you need further encouragement, or perhaps a little extra coddling, you can find descriptions of Erotic Art Fests past by searching for SEAF right here.

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