Mar 312016


Took this photo during our last stretch of classic Seattle overcast. You know the type…where you just want to laz around the house and pull your sweetie closer. Not too cold to comfortably get naked…but not too warm to make you sweaty if you decide to put that naked to a purpose.

I appreciate the sunshine and what it does to peoples outlook on life…and libidos…but I will always appreciate how a rainy day encourages folks to get a little closer.

I’ve been feeling super sensuous lately so some of you might have noticed that I’ve added “featherlight touch” to my list of sensation play activities. It’s essentially petting. Not massage, which involves more pressure, this is about teasing and tantalizing you skin and all the lovely nerve endings therein…a type of touch that men’s bodies in particular are often sadly unfamiliar with or underexposed to. Additionally, its been my personal and professional experience that lighter touch, along with other types gentle physical intimacy like snuggling, hugging, and handholding, can be the hardest thing to find outside of (and sometimes even in) a committed romantic partnership.

I think this is why I’m starting to see people setting up shop as “professional cuddlers”, an adorable if some what questionable career choice. But can’t say it isn’t something the world could clearly use more of. As a species, touch is one of the simplest ways that we can be soothed as well as promoting a feeling of connection and groundedness. Also oxytocin, the hormone your body releases when you get pet, is seriously the BEST drug in the world. It will get you super high in the most beautifully relaxing way that also reduces cortisol levels(stress chemicals that do every thing from breaking down cells, to making you more likely to turn any food into fat), lowers blood pressure, and boosts your immune system. Tell me that doesn’t sound brilliant!

I for one start to get seriously twitchy when I’ve gone too long without touch, and that will kick in even before the twitchyness that happens when I’ve gone too long without sex (which is saying something since what I consider sex is a dissertation in and of itself). It’s not dissimilar to the need for food and water. If you have enough water…you can go without food for considerably longer…the opposite…not so much.

While this has always been a big part of my play, as I love touching, caressing, and groping, my playmates, (and then there’s the whole hand fetish thang) I’ve come to recognize that this type sensation play can be fairly fulfilling in of itself. Granted it pairs well with lots of other games that still fall on the softer side of the spectrum. But if you’ve been craving a more gentle, sensual session and/or feeling sorely touch deprived…now would be a good time to call.

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