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It’s probably answered here. Please take a look at the following list before contacting me. If you still can’t find the answers you seek, my email address can be found on the Contact Page.

What Are My Session Options?

Conversation and Coaching – 100/hr
Sometimes what you need, first and foremost, is someone to talk to. Given the current state of the world, a phone or video chat can be a notable solace as well as a safer social distancing choice. But perhaps what you’d like to talk about isn’t something you feel comfortable discussing with anyone found in your existing social circle. Maybe you need the assistance of someone with a specific area of erotic expertise. 
In addition to being a well respected Professional Dominatrix for the last 17 years, I’m also a Relationship Coach, who not so surprisingly, specializes in Kink, BDSM, and Fetish. I’m an excellent person to work with when you’re looking for answers and information regarding your (or your partner’s) kinks. When you need general advice and insight into your current relationship/sex life (or current frustrating lack there of) that incorporates all parts of your sexual identity. And of course I’m an excellent educator if you’re looking for some high quality, individualized instruction on how to expand your BDSM skill set.

 You can find more information regarding my coaching services over at TheKinkyCoach.com  Though I’m currently working to update said site so please note the rates, and my feelings about in-person vs phone/video sessions, that I’ve posted here, are the current and correct ones

Distance Domination – 150/hr
Wanna get naughty but a little kink blocked by current conditions? I have a sexy socially distanced solution for you…As much as I love getting my greedy hands all over my in-person playmates, I also find instructing folks to “take themselves in hand” to be very…stimulating. Whether its whispering what I’d love to do to you, making you do all manner of nasty things to yourself, or sharing a graphic true story about all my sexy adventures, our talk time is sure to titillate.

If you are unsure which of the above two options is most appropriate for the type of talk you’d like to have, you can find more information in this blog post. Coaching and Distance Domination sessions can be done by phone or video. I’m a bit more inclined to the latter lately, but either is an option. Currently I’m not offering coaching sessions in-person except as add-on time to an In-Person Domination Session.

One hour In-Person Domination Session – 250*
Are you ready to stand in my glorious presence, to feel my eyes, my hands, my need, on you? Enjoy one full luscious hour of erotic exploration, bookended with just a few minutes before and after to check in and tidy up. 

Ninety Minutes In-Person Domination Session – 350* 
Time does fly when you’re having all the sexy fun. This is the ideal option if you want to indulge in a few more activities or just focus on your favorites at a more leisurely pace.  

In-Person Coaching and Conversation add-on – +50
Would you like more time at the start of your In-Person Domination Session to discuss your interests or sound out some thoughts with an exceedingly experienced pervert? Perhaps you’d prefer a more relaxed and social start to our engagement. Simply request this add-on option for 30 minutes of high quality hang time.  

Couple Domination Session – +50*
Trying to get some kink into your relationship? Maybe its already there but you’re starting to run out of ideas? Want some guidance on how to take on, or switch, roles in an established dynamic? Maybe you’d both just like the thrill of another person’s energy, eyes, and appetite? I love the intensity and discovery of playing with couples. I will insist on communicating with all parties involved while booking this option. 

What about duos or multi-hour Sessions?

As much as I love a good gang-up and the intensity of prolonged torment, out of an abundance of caution, I am not offering in-person duos or playtime longer than 90 minutes at this time. But Duos with a male top or sub, as well as longer length appointments, are an option for video sessions.

When are you available?

I see people seven days a week, but my availability fluctuates. The earliest appointment I will schedule is 11am the latest 8pm. For the time being I’m only scheduling one in-person session per day and I do not offer same day scheduling for any option aside from phone sessions for current coaching clients in crisis. As such, you are strongly encouraged to plan well ahead. Also its classy.

What Best Practices precautions are you taking?

In every interaction its best that we acknowledge the risks we are taking, while doing everything we can to abate them. First up, I will remain masked thru the entirety of in-person sessions (I assure you safe can still be sexy) and I will insist on the same mask due diligence from my guests. I will only be hosting one person in my space on any given day which will allow plenty of time to insure the space is sterilized and well-ventilated before and after all appointments. I will cancel appointments and immediate inform affected individuals if I show any symptoms of, have confined contact with, or test positive for, the virus. I ask the same from my guests on this as well.
I am someone who is taking this health crisis very seriously, both personally and professionally. As such I am not interested in seeing individuals who have yet to reach said level of acceptance. Asking me to compromise any of the above rules disqualifies you from consideration. Sorry not sorry.

I don’t have any/much experience. Is that okay?

Absolutely. Many of the folks I play with are new to BDSM. We all have to start somewhere. So why not get things off to a great start by playing with an expert! If you’re still unsure, consider booking a phone or video coaching session to talk things out, ask your questions, and get a feel for what it’d be like to explore this wonderful kinky world with me as your guide.

Am I too young? Am I too old?

Given my own age, I prefer to play with people who are in their thirties and older. Seeing people in their twenties isn’t off the table, its a decision made on a case by case basis which hinges heavily on how well you follow instructions. But thats honestly true for everyone. And I have always enjoyed the company of individuals with as much, as well as considerably more, mileage than myself. As far as I’m concerned, if the motor is still running, I’m quite happy to take the wheel and drive.

Do you work with all gender identities?

Absolutely. I identify as a pervy, pansexual, polyamorous, cis-women (she/her) and I feel very privileged to have worked with many beautiful humans from a variety of points on the gender spectrum.  But if you have any anxiousness about my appropriateness given your identity you are welcome to set up an initial 30 minute phone or video coaching session at the add-on rate above to feel each other out first. This option is exclusively for female, trans, and non-binary identified individuals.

Do you offer outcall?

I’m afraid not at this time, but I encourage folks who can’t visit me in my space to consider my Distance Domination option. 

What kind of gifts do you appreciate?

Additional gifts are never expected but who doesn’t like presents. So if generosity is one of your kinks, you can find directions to my wishlist on my Links Page. A few spontaneous options that can be readily found in my neighborhood:  Wine or weed edibles (introduce me to one of your favorites), whiskey (I prefer Irish), fresh flowers or a small plant (especially nice on rainy days).
Tipping is also a charming demonstration of gratitude and always welcome.

How tall are you?

I am 5’2″ with a deceptively strong classic curvy hourglass figure. Basically, T & A for days and my personality far exceeds the confines my vertically conservative frame. 

What size shoe do you wear?

I wear a size 8 1/2 shoe and a size 9 boot, though if I’m indoors, I’m probably barefoot. My feet are extremely sensitive, a major erogenous zone, and they love teasing the bejeebus out of foot fetishist and other charmingly attentive friends.

How many years experience do you have?

So very many…I was clearly kinky from the get go but I started intentionally exploring BDSM in the mid 90’s, first within my relationships and eventually as part of the local PNW BDSM community. I’ve been playing, and preaching the pervy gospel, professionally since 2003. 

Do you ever travel?

At this time, and for reasons that should be readily apparent, nope.

May I use you as a reference?

I am happy to provide references for former playmates as long as it has been no more than a year since we last saw each other. If you would like to use me as a reference to see another provider, please contact me first with the date that I last saw you and a few unique things about yourself to help refresh my memory – like where you are from, what type of work you do, anything special you shared about yourself (not what turns you on or what we did unless it was a very unusual fetish). I’m much better at faces than names so you are always welcome to include a photo.

May I be your boyfriend, personal submissive, house-boy, pet, toy, sissy, slut, stud, stunt dick…?

I always strive to be emotionally available to my playmates, as the nature of our games involves a lot of vulnerability and trust. And naturally, over time, romantic feelings on both sides may develop. However I don’t “date” my clients…or people I’ve never met who think a professional website is a secret personal ad just for them. But I’d be happy to set up a coaching session to discuss why you are sabotaging your claimed romantic goals by contacting, and likely offending, openly unattainable women. 



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