Jun 262009

Following up on the fun I had working the Center for Sex Positive Culture’s booth at SEAF this year I’ve volunteered to for our booth at Pride this year. I have no idea what time I’ll be working it(which I’m a bit cranky about) but I’m fairly sure it will be some time after 1pm. Extra bonus is that my girl will be pimpin the Center with me…that is when we aren’t make-in out. And I’m pretty sure we won’t be the only lascivious hotties hangin out there.

It should be an amazing Parade and post Parade festival this year as the gay community has really leapt forward in its fight for civil rights. Who’d have thought they we’d have come this far even as little as 8 years ago. That being said…we should be a lot farther. With recent bitch slaps from an administration we fought so hard for I think its safe to say that in the midst of our flamboyant celebrations this Sunday there will be an equally strong call to arms.

On that note, I think this clip pretty clearly outlines what it is the LGBTQ community is so pissed off about.

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The Word – Stonewalling
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I hope you make it out to enjoy the plethora of festivities going on this weekend in most cities, whether you self-identify as queer or not. And if you happen to find yourself at the Seattle Center after the parade come by the Center’s booth and say hi. You’ll find us on top of the Fisher Pavilion near the VIP lounge.

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Jun 192009

I just won tickets from the Stranger to the 2009 Air Sex Championships at El Corazon tonight. I won the tickets by being the first to email the free tickets team with my favorite sexual position in the subject line. Downward facing dog…girl top male bottom. I may have gone for more humor then honesty…but maybe not.

Not sure just yet who’ll be my date for the evening…anyone else want to “come” along, even if you have to buy your own $12 ticket? Drop me an email if you’re interested.

Should be a rowdy and ridiculous evening…


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Jun 042009

Few things I wanted to put out there but first I wanted to give all my playmates a heads up that I still have time available this weekend. Not a lot of time mind you but I could probably squeeze in a couple more play dates. This isn’t normally what I would call blog worthy but since this very well might be my LAST FREE WEEKEND I thought you weekend warriors might want to take advantage.

Okay, I may have one or two more weekends this summer that aren’t already commandered by big social and or travel but, sheesh, it sure doesn’t feel like it. I don’t particularly like posting my travel dates on the internet so if you’d like to know my availability you’ll still need to call. And if you’d like your travel plans to include visiting me, a month or more notice is not out of line.

So onto other fun stuff. I’ve been compiling a list of fun links that I figured I’d take a few minutes to post before I throw on my sandals and head out into the sunshine.

First up, just grabbed this from the SLOG. I think its a pretty clever and comic idea. Yes its political and safe for work. Here’s a blurb about this new series:

“DRILL BABY DRILL, THE SERIES: From contraception to homosexuality, Conservatives seem to think they know how folks should behave in the bedroom. Well, what do they say about sex? How do they, y’know, talk sexy? The answers may surprise you. They may also make you throw up in your mouth a little bit.”

For additional controversial fun spend some time reading the postings over at Psychotic Letters From Men. THE PSYCHOTIC. THE PATHETIC. THE BIZARRE. A Forum To Show Men Who The Real Bitch Is. http://psychoticlettersfrommen.blogspot.com/.

I recognize that there is a certain Jerry Springer-esque appeal to reading tales of men gone mental. But the blog’s writer has an amazingly quick and biting wit which is what raises the forum above a train wreck level. Beyond that, within each story of love gone sour and psychotic is a cautionary tale. I just finished reading the Gift of Fear while I was up at Hyak last week(I know, strange choice for a relaxing weekend) and all of Mr De Becker’s pointers on how to spot someone truly dangerous are easily applied to the submittals on PLFM. Ladies, we know that most of the men that have come in and out of our lives are basically good guys. Reading this blog will only highlight that fact in a “you thought your break-up was bad” kinda way. But it sure as hell doesn’t hurt to see a few more examples of why being crystal clear in our rejections is so important. And any of the reliable lender lads and ladies in my posse who would like to borrow my copy of the Gift of Fear drop me an email. It’s a very worth while read.

Another great on-line offering is the new San Fran based site Carnal Nation:


From the daily sexual issue news, to the great feature articles on a wide range of topics from the work of sexual surrogates to how to bow out gracefully(or stay to play) when you find yourself in a Crying Game moment, to the weekly comic strip Modern Hooker this site has quickly become one of my favorite morning reads. A number of other blogs that I visit often touch on sexual politic stuff but I have yet to find one with such extensive coverage as well as an impressive list of contributors.

Here’s what they have to say about their site in case you still need convincing:

“CARNALNATION was developed out of a compelling need to counteract those oppressive forces, whether internal or external, that stifle sexual growth, awareness, and fulfillment. We believe that sex is a vital human need and that sexuality is an important component of who we are as individuals, how we relate to each other, and who we want to become. In our view, fear and disdain of all things sexual have led to a society that too often vacillates between impulsive titillation and compulsive repression. Such extremes can only have a negative impact on our physical, psychological, and social well being. Therefore, we strive to inform and entertain without being pornographic or offensive. We make this commitment at all levels of sexuality: the personal, the political, and the perverted.”

Well, then. Doesn’t that sound pretty awesome.

Speaking of awesome, the HBO series Tru Blood totally kicks ass!!! I’d read and enjoyed the series this show is based on but damn, I don’t know if there’s a single thing I’d change…actually I take that back, the fangs are a bit weird/silly. They’re placed more forward then usual…and make a ridiculous clicking noise every time they drop into place. Anyhoo, its wonderful southern style trashy n’ tasty goodness. So if you’re in the market some highly addictive brain candy, the first season is out on DVD right now.

Okay one more thing…my lovely girl sent this to me last night(when she should have been packing for the flight she’s on right now). That’s her on the left and me on the right. Not sure what application she used to create the comic book affect from these two photos. But I think I’ve supplied ya’ll with enough internet time sucks as it is. Better yet…turn off your computer, cut out of work early and get outside!

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