Jul 242008

I am so gonna drink a toast(and then look at some porn) in honor of the Center for Democracy and Technology today and so should you. Here’s why…

After 10 years of stating the obvious they fucking FINALLY convinced the powers that be that um, yeah, COPA(Child Online Protection Act) is just as unconstitutional as the CDA(Communications Decency Act RIP 1997). ‘Cause this is just a bit over-reaching:

“COPA would make it a crime for anyone to make any Web communication for commercial purposes that is “harmful to minors” unless the person has used technological means to prevent access by minors (such as requiring credit card verification). COPA would impose criminal and civil penalties of up to $50,000 per day for violations.”

So ROCK ON CDT, ACLU and Judge Reed, the bad-ass who put together a “highly detailed, thorough, and careful analysis of the numerous problems with the COPA law.”

One of those problems being that although there is plenty of technics and technology for parents and educators to keep kids from accessing “harmful” content. There isn’t a single effective and reliable way for an operator of a website, like myself, to do so. Not exactly what Reed was saying but I choose to interpret it as a big ole’ bitch slap to all those lazy parents who want to make it my job to take care of their kids. When you made the decision to spawn you made the choice to protect said off-spring from the dangers of the world. Even when that boogie man is an image or an idea that could only appear threatening to the most close minded of adults. Like the folks who proposed the damn legislation in the first place.

Speaking of small minded a-holes with agendas. It’s also obvious to most folks that this wasn’t as much about the kids as it was about grown-ups trying to treat us ALL like children. It was yet another full-fledged attack on freedom of speech.

To read the whole ridiculous but ultimately triumphant story here’s the link to the CDT’s page on the topic. All quotes were taken from said page:


More cool and empowering things to read on-line: I found these two sites through Susie Bright’s blog:


And its masculine half:


I’ve been reading a lot of sex worker writing lately. These sites, while in the same vein, seem more confessional and less fictional. Getting to read the male side of things is also nice. Though you can find boys writing about their experiences on the escort review boards. Reviews are, of course, still confessional but there always seems to be a bit of bragging involved. You’re certainly not as likely to find the vulnerability present in these letters.

Both the ladies and the gents attempt to answer in their own words why they’ve made the choice to engage in sex work.

This last site had emailed me about a link exchange. I get these all the time, mostly from thinly veiled porn sites, domme listing sites I’ve never heard of in countries I don’t live in(most of which are also thinly veiled porn sites, and very rarely from individual Dommes(but I don’t link to women I don’t know).

So it was nice to get solicited by someone I want to say yes to. It’s a new site, and yeah, it has a few things on it I don’t agree with. But during my last link page update I’d had to pull a dead link to a BDSM educational site. Obviously if a person can find my website a few more key stokes is all it takes to type BDSM into a search engine. But I like to have at least one educational resource on that page.

So until I get a chance to update said page, or until I find something better, here’s a link that should give you some nice pointers about the wild world of Female Domination:


Bonus is that they also publish stories. Keep in mind that these tales are FICTION. Without having read their entire library(but recognizing a few of the tales) I feel justified in saying that they should not be used as an educational tool. They are porn. And the only thing one should ever try and learn from porn is that, yes, your penis is too small….

And just think, none of those websites, or this one for that matter, would probably exist if COPA had ever been put into practice. Well, mine might still exist, but I’d be updating it from Canada.

Happy linking!

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Jul 212008

When it comes to the arts, men dressing as women is certainly nothing new. Beyond the early theatrical conventions that bared women from the stage, thus requiring a certain amount of gender bending in the cast. It has from ancient history to our more recent blockbuster era been a quick, easy and always reliable comedic device. Men in a dress = funny seems to be the overwhelming belief in Hollywood. Thank Goddess for other countries. Specifically that lovely isle in the Atlantic.

Just Like a Woman isn’t Tootsie or Mrs Doubtfire or even Rocky Horror Picture Show. What it is, is a sincere, heartfelt, honest(if optimistic) look at the lives of Transvestites and the women who love them. It might be a bit dated(early 90’s), in dress as well as plot twists, but the performances are top notch and far exceed the occasionally thin dialog. Julie Walters(grand dame of British film who I recognized from Educating Rita and more recently Calendar Girls) and Adrian Pasdar(SO pretty and he’s done a bunch of stuff most recently, Nathan Petrelli, the flying politician from Heroes).

*possible spoiler alert*
They do such a wonderful job handling the topic but what really nailed it for me(pun alert) were the two sex scenes. The first with Gerald and Monica, pre-revelation and the second between them post revelation. The first is almost comical with its stereotypical, missionary-position, head-hitting-head-board action. But after Gerald “reveals” himself to his new lover and friend, they make love as Geraldine and Monica. The scene is perfect soft core sensuality. If you are a man who enjoys dressing as a woman or a woman who likes to play with such exotic creatures the scene has the appropriate effect. For everyone else, the scene, and the film as a whole, will hopefully engender a bit more understanding for this incredibly common inclination.

You can read a full plot synopsis here as well as a number of other people’s reviews:


But here’s what my playmate Birthday Boy (who received it as gift for our shared holiday) had to say:

Dearest Mistress Katherine,

Thank you so much for the wonderful movie DVD. I enjoyed
watching it, both for its open portrayal of transvestitism and for its
artful presentation of the characters. Although I found the leading man somewhat
over the top in his ability to switch from man to women, I found myself at
times very envious of his willingness to be both a successful
business man during the day, and a sexy TV at night. And I just fell in love with
Julie Walters (both in character, and out). I loved the ending with him
coming out, slamming his asshole boss, and all the supporting
characters hugging, and kissing together. If only real life was this simple. There
were many common cords between me, and the leading man, and I was simply
mesmerized from the moment I started to watch the film, until it ended. Thank
you so much for such a thoughtful gift.


I can’t recommend this film more highly for anyone for whom this topic resonates. I bought my copy off Amazon and it was an import with Portuguese packaging. I think a VHS copy might be easier to track down.


Speaking of topics handled with unexpected grace and sensitivity. I know there’s been a number of awards handed out for this flick so most of you probably know that it is NOT as crude and/or pornographic as the basic plot structure might imply. Though Lars and the Real Girl is still billed as comedy, it wasn’t a laugh out loud kinda funny for me at any point. Which might have been because it would have felt like I was laughing at the characters instead of with them. They were all just so damn human, even the freakin doll! I wanted to hug everyone in this movie(except the doll, who did creep me out a bit). Just as Lars uses Bianca as a tool for growth, the films creators use her as very effective device. Bianca is not the true obstacle for Lars or his community. He is an unconventional person who is simply trying to find a way to make love work for the person he is, while his community must learn how to reach out and give him the love and acceptance he needs in a way he can understand and absorb. Yeah, its a bit of a misty making fairy tale, but art IS meant to inspire. And what’s more inspiring then unconditional love.


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Jul 022008


New podcast over at the Midwest Teen Sex show about…guess. Fabulous and funny as usual, no NSFW images but turn down the volume or wear your headphones. They’re also doing a funding drive. So throw some money their way.


And can I just say I have the biggest damn crush on Nikol.

Another way of showing some support would be to visit their on-line store and pick up some sassy shirts. I already have the cows fucking logo tank top but I plan on ordering the “Thanks masturbation!” one before the next masturbation night over at CSPC. Trying to decide if I should order it in the same size as the other one. It was a little on the snug side, but that just makes my headlights look extra bright, so not necessarily a big bad.

Speaking of shopping and sexy sites, I’ve updated the links page over on my website. There’s a few new things on there, like Paddle Daddy, The Stockroom, Visioluxus and Violet Blue. And whether you’re looking for gift ideas or not I HIGHLY recommend visiting the Agent Provocateur website. So. Damn. Hot. But so very NSFW.


Last recommendation of the day, Check out the trailer for this interesting cinematic offering:


“”BDSM: It’s Not What You Think” is a half hour documentary that confronts stigma and stereotypes surrounding kink and fetish play through leading voices within the BDSM community. With intimate interviews and playful vignettes this film targets progressive outsiders and guides them through the minefield of misconceptions and prejudices that kinksters must routinely face”

That may sound a bit dry and preachy but I’m quite sure that this movie will be fun as well as informative and may provide some useful tools, to not just better understand your own kinky nature, but ways to explain it to others in your life. I’ll be keeping watch to see when this one makes it to Seattle and will be sure to post that info here. But feel free to sign up for their email update list yourself.

That’s all from the front lines. Now get out there and catch some of that sunshine…

nakid sunbathing encouraged…

send pictures.

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