Dec 182009

My friends are so weird…but at least they know me. Just got these two links sent to me:

Thanks TJ

And from my lady love:

Even cooler then the video, yesterday she went ahead and gave me one of my Xmas gifts…the big beautiful Octopus stuffed animal I put on my wish list. No molesting yet…of the toy…plenty of molesting of the girlfriend.

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Dec 082009

Here’s a few more shopping ideas along with a shameless plug for one of my favorite artists. I have long been a fan of the Pin-up Art of Krysztof Nemeth and it looks like he’s spreading a bit of Holiday cheer this month by offering some amazing deals on some of his art work.

Sad to say that I only have one of his pieces, as much as I adore her…but I’m sure she’d love a bit more sassy company. And even if you’re not shopping for me…his lovely, curvy and quirky hotties would make a wonderful addition to the art collection of anyone who appreciates the femme fatale form:

My favs from the sale in order of adoration would be Pirate Booty(pictured above), Beelzebabe, Ms Vickie and Switchblade.

Note from the artist:

“All images framed, and include shipping! Sale valid only through the end of December! Please paypal your payment to with the name of the piece you wish to buy and your mailing address.”

Lastly, it looks like he’s done a website overhaul since the last time I visited so if you haven’t checked him out in awhile hop over and take a look!

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Dec 072009

Those big ole pervs over at Fetlife are doing a bit of a giveaway…

If you haven’t seen it already check it out:

I’ve voted for a couple of waist cinchers and one very wicked looking electric toy. Mwah ha ha!

And speaking of Santa’s lap, try reliving some childhood trauma, or just enjoy other’s, over at:

Happy Holidays!

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Dec 042009

I usually get folks asking for gift ideas, which is why I have some suggestions on my website. But this time of year the requests seem to become a bit more frantic.

With that in mind, here are a few ideas for those of you who have a kink for wrapping paper and squeals of girlish glee:

I absolutely love Dr Teal’s Eucalyyptus and Spearmint epson salt bath. Haven’t tried their other products…but would probably like them too. But stick with mint or vanilla scents for me…floral scents give me headaches:

Close second that may be easier to find would be the Eucalyptus and Spearmint, aromatherapy line by Bath and Body works. I like the Lux bath, massage oil and body mist:

Another thing that makes my skin and I very happy…being hairless. I recent discovered the fabulousness that is sugaring, a much older and less painful method of hair removal. Gift certificates to this salon are always welcome:

Wanted this for awhile…yes its a stuffed animal…DO NOT QUESTION THE WILL OF THE MISTRESS!!!….and yes I may end up molesting it:

Speaking of toys…this looks like fun…and it comes in orange!:

My favorite set of wrist and ankle cuffs are looking a bit tired these days and could use replacement. Just remember if your bring them, you have to help me break them in:

Best wine evar! My neighborhood wine store( sells this lovely blend which is good since it appears you can no longer buy it off the winery’s website. One of these days I’m just gonna commit to it and buy a whole case:

Its always nice to be able to give a gift with a personal touch, but if the holiday season is already running you ragged, know that gift certificates/cards to iTunes, Lowes, Nordstroms, Target or any of my neighborhood restaurants are just as much of a welcome surprise as a new hand-tooled wooden paddle.

And, of course, the biggest gift a girl like me enjoys is the chance to play! Though my schedule is probably just as silly as yours this holiday season I’ll try my best to make time for you. We could all use a bit more kink this Christmas.

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