Conversation and Coaching – 120/hr

Sometimes what you need, first and foremost, is someone to talk to. But perhaps what you’d like to talk about isn’t something you feel comfortable discussing with anyone found in your existing social circle. Maybe you need the assistance of someone with a unique area of expertise, a perverts perspective? 
In addition to being a well respected Professional Dominatrix for the last 20 years, I’m also a Relationship Coach, who not so surprisingly, specializes in Kink, BDSM, and Fetish. I’m an excellent person to work with when you’re looking for answers and information regarding your (or your partner’s) kinks. When you need general advice and insight into your current relationship/sex life (or current frustrating lack there of) that incorporates all parts of your sexual identity. And of course I’m an excellent educator if you’re looking for some high quality, individualized instruction on how to expand your BDSM skill set.

 Phone, video, or in-person options available. You can find more information regarding my coaching services on the Kinky Coaching page of this website or over at  

Distance Domination – 100 per half hour

Wanna get naughty but a little kink blocked by current conditions? I have a sexy socially distanced solution for you…As much as I love getting my greedy hands all over my in-person playmates, I also find instructing folks to “take themselves in hand” to be very…stimulating. Whether its whispering what I’d love to do to you, making you do all manner of nasty things to yourself, or sharing a graphic true story about all my sexy adventures, our talk time is sure to titillate. 

If you are unsure which of the above two options is most appropriate for the type of talk you’d like to have, you can find more information in this blog post. 

One hour In-Person Domination Session – 350*

Are you ready to stand in my glorious presence, to feel my eyes, my hands, my need, on you? Enjoy one full luscious hour of erotic exploration, book-ended with just a few minutes before and after to check in and tidy up. 

Ninety Minutes In-Person Domination Session – 500* 

Time does fly when you’re having all the sexy fun. This is the ideal option if you want to indulge in a few more activities or just focus on your favorites at a more leisurely pace.

Two Hour In-Person Domination Session – 600* 

For the true connoisseur.  Whether driven by a desire to explore numerous activities, or a deep need to escape the ordinary for longer, a full two hour play date is again an option. Sessions lasting longer than two hours are an option on a case by case basis.

In-Person Coaching and Conversation add-on – +50

Would you like more time at the start of your In-Person Domination Session to discuss your interests or sound out some thoughts with an exceedingly experienced listener? Perhaps you’d prefer a more relaxed and social start to our engagement. Simply request this add-on option for 30 minutes of high quality hang time.  

Couple Domination Session – +100*

Trying to get some kink into your relationship? Maybe its already there but you’re starting to run out of ideas? Want some guidance on how to take on, or switch, roles in an established dynamic? Maybe you’d both just like the thrill of another person’s energy, eyes, and appetite? I love the fun and discovery of playing with couples. I will insist on communicating with all parties involved while booking this option. 

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