Jun 272008

I’m standing in the doorway of a small room off the main space that is typically used for messy play. Inside the room a young man is demonstrating just how strong the vibration is from a Sybian sex machine. He asks for a volunteer and a darkly handsome gent steps forward and is told to kneel in front of the toy and place his arms along each side of the “attachment”. He then invites his audience to place their hands on his test subject to feel the vibration transferred through his body. Two women, the only other girls in the rapidly growing crowd, step forward and tentatively touch his shoulders.

I’m much more entertained by the view of the test subjects face hovering over the small rotating dildo on the attachment pad. Suddenly I’m very aware of the sheer number of men, some naked, that have gathered around and behind me. I can feel their all to obvious desire, that I step forward, and mount that tiny penis and ride it into orgasmic bliss. It didn’t need to be verbalized. But of course, someone had to. The guy right behind me, using his best creepy voice, starts in on a mostly one sided conversation that really should be running at 2.99 a minute, all about how much he bets I’d like riding on that cock, that I’d have a hard time not coming over and over on something like that.

A few words in I tried to honor his attempt at conversation, no need to be rude. But when he rushed on over the top of my reply that such apparatus really weren’t my thing, I realized there was no point. I also realized that I was ready to go.

This was the only bad, creepy or otherwise unpleasant thing that happened to me at last Sunday’s Masturbation night(see post a couple back) and I felt it best to get it out of the way. Especially since I had such a nice time that I’m very much looking forward to attending the next one.

As I stated in my previous post on the topic, I’m not an exhibitionist myself, even though I have had a number of experiences that might appear to disprove that statement. But really I’m just impatient and sometimes that results in me having sex in public simply because I want to have sex right away. But my reasons for attending the event, charmingly named “And I Touch Myself” had nothing to do with me putting on a show for an all too willing audience.

I was there to represent, show-up and show my support for an event that I believe in. I also wanted to finally get my ass back to the Center as it had been a few years since I’d attended an event on-site. But mostly, I wanted to have a kinky good time and fully get my voyeuristic ya-yas off. It was a very successful night on all counts.

I managed to make it to the last half of the conversation salon that starts out the night. I had thought this might just be more of an ice-breaker but it was actually more along the lines of the salons I’ve been attending off-site for the last year. As it turns out an ice-breaker wasn’t all that necessary as the event itself was very conducive to open conversation. I spent most of the night talking with my companion. I’d planted us on a lovely leopard print chaise as soon as the round table discussion broke up and there we pretty much stayed until we were ready to call it a night.

This location couldn’t have been more perfect as we ended up fairly surrounded by kinky sex goodness. On one side a m/f couple did a lovely scene involving much rope, a blindfold, a bit of duct tape and a good deal of manual stimulation to girlie bits.

On the other side, an A frame rack was dragged over, and after a lot of prep, a very sassy female sub was dragged over as well. I might not tolerate the type of whining and back talk the naughty miss was giving her Daddy but it is always much fun to see in others play dynamic. Sure enough, once she was all secured, out came the Hitachi, and the whining and sass shifted to begging, moans and laughter. As sexy as it was I couldn’t watch the scene without smiling, and it wasn’t even my usual predatory grin that appears when I play.

Other highlights: one man’s roar of orgasmic bliss receiving applause; a very cute young man who hadn’t even undressed, just pulled out the important bits, bringing himself to that happy place while I casually looked on; neck nibbling; and reconnecting with a sweet sexy girl I’d allowed myself to loose touch with.

But one of my favorite things from the night (that is ultimately what will motivate me to attend this event as well as others) was seeing all the tender snugly after-care between the couples we’d watched. I get a high level of kink and sex in my life. My need for a place like the Center is not as high as it is for others who don’t have quite as unique a situation as my own. But what I do miss, is seeing the beautiful intimacy that is the in-between and on top icing of a truly perfect BDSM cake.

A night full of porn, sex machines, cunt slapping and suspension bondage…

and love and trust, is still the sexist thing of all.

And if any of you are even thinking about teasing me over this fluffy bunny moment know that I think non-consensually beating the crap out of you is damn sexy too.

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Jun 212008

Here’s a few recommendations for all you kinky book worms out there:

Sex Work: Writings by Women in the Sex Industry, edited by Frederique Delacoste and Priscilla Alexander

There are plenty of folks out there writing about sex work these days. Lucky for us working girls, more and more of that writing is being done by people actually IN the industry. We still have to shout twice as loud to be heard above the cacophony of voices that claim to speak for us, in one breath calling us victims, delusional, and debased creatures responsible for the decay of society. And people wonder why I’m so busy. Sex Work is a good, thick overview of women in the industry from a wide variety of branches with just as many differing opinions and attitudes. The first half of the book is more women in their own words short stories. The second half puts on the glasses and dishes out some very impressive essays on the history and nature of prostitution.

The first half goes down like sweet candy with a cayenne kick. The second half requires a slower read though it still produces a nice fire with-in. But like any good, thought-provoking writing, its best to let things digest before moving on to the next course. No spoilers, but I will say Sarah Wynter can kiss my sex-positive totally empowered ass.

Good choice for all women’s studies majors as well as any working girls looking for a little empathy and a lot of ammo for the next decriminalize it debate.

Women of the Light: The New Sacred Prostitute by Kenneth Ray Stubbs

Another good book within this genre that I read awhile back which I highly recommend. An interesting collection of essays by women in many branches of the industry, talking about how they connect the spiritual to their work. Again, read it a awhile back, and though I already had these feelings myself it was nice to hear similar thoughts spoken by others. I especially liked the age range of the contributors. The book isn’t quite as flashy as the first half of Sex Work or, I suspect, Working Sex. But the editor’s goal was to inspire more then to titillate. My one complaint was that the editor is actually a bit too present. I don’t know if this would have bothered me as much if he had been a woman. I think it was his outsider perspective more then his gender that annoyed me. It had a tinge of ego to me, when he really could have let the pieces speak for themselves.

Goddess of Spring, by P.C. Cast

Totally different genre, but not as different as you might think, are the works of P.C. Cast. I’ve always been a fan of re-working ancient myths with a modern voice and Cast doesn’t let me down. These are “just” romances but a bit more feisty and feminist then your standard creamy crotch novel. In my one handed opinion they’re a good choice to feed that trashy novel craving that even the most discerning of tastes still get from time to time.


I think this still belongs with the book recommendations because…well…there is a lot of reading. There’s also a lot of hot photos of young women getting molested by tentacles. I found it recently through a series of link hops and I think it might be at least partly to blame for the increase in my self-abuse. And I love the fact that the site navigation is set up like a “choose your own adventure” book. There is nothing work safe about this website. Besides which, ITS PORN!, and should really be read/viewed in a locale where anything it inspires can be dealt with. I recommend at home with a full hot water tank. Just remember to stretch first.

Next up on my Amazon wish list:

Whores and Other Feminists edited by Jill Nagle

Working Sex: Sex Workers Write About a Changing Industry, edited by Annie Oakley

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Jun 202008

So I managed to get sex related battle scars the other day. The culprete…my shower massager. I got greedy. I don’t masturbate with my shower massager too often. It always feels lovely, but essentially power washing the pussy every day is not so good for the nether floral and fauna. And then there’s the whole “wasting” water thang. I mostly console myself over the last bit by arguing that I don’t have a lawn to water and I rarely bother washing my car.

Anyhoo, the first O was so nice I decided I wanted another one. But as is sometimes the case, the second one required considerably more…effort. And you know how it is, once you’ve invested a certain amount of energy, quitting is just not an option. But as a result of my adventures, my thighs and the sides of my ass were sore all day yesterday.

Still worth it.

In other masturbation news, despite a very disappointing first date with my new Hitachi attachment(see picture a couple of posts ago) that left me thinking that maybe I was just built different then other girls, we have conquered this technology! Much like the gonzo head attachment, the O is a long, intense, deep, almost inescapable experience. But the shorter and more effectively designed vaginal arm allows your bod to connect with the perfectly curved and nubbly clit stim at the base. The combined external(clit and anal) and internal sensations created more of a prolonged “It’s not just the destination, it’s the journey” type climax. Good build but not so long that you’ll get carpal tunnel or even the aches and pains that I dealt with yesterday.

I suspect the first failed launch had to do with a bad angle. I was trying to use it under the covers, sticking with my usual “bedtime story” system(buzz-HAPPY!-roll over-sleep). But the bat like design of the Hitachi made this ineffective. Holding the shaft almost perpendicular to the bod is the only way to go.

This leads into my biggest complaint of said toy and attachment..it is unbelievably loud. The wand alone can be noisy but by restricting its freedom of movement with the attachment hood, and some very determined kegal muscles, the other definition of power tool comes more into play.

I’m very open about my sex life, including masturbation, when I talk with friends, many of whom are also my neighbors. But despite that, I’d rather that they weren’t so blatantly aware of my solo sexual activities from the chainsaw noise emanating from my apartment. Some industrial grooves played a little loud provide the neccessary cover. Otherwise, any potential purchasers should be aware that the little old lady walking her dog by your house may end up knowing a bit more about your sex life then either of you are comfortable with.

Truth is I’m not much of an exhibitionist when it comes to sex. Though having an audience is not likely to throw me off my game when I’m in the zone. But it’s not something that I actively pursue. I am, however quite the voracious voyeur. I love hearing folks talk about their sex. Getting to watch or listen to people getting their freak on, even better. Watching my partners masturbate has always been one of my favorite intimate acts. Mainstream porn pales in comparison to real people experiencing real sexual pleasure. Which is why, at long last, I’m planning on attending this event at the Wetspot Sunday night:

And I Touch Myself

What: A night for sensual and sexual self pleasure, exhibitionism, voyeurism and more.
Schedule: Fourth Sundays
When: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM Free Discussion and Social 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Play Time
Where: At the Wet Spot
Who: 18+.
Cost: $15 ($20 a couple )


Self Gratification is highly underrated. Join us for a night of self pleasure. Solo masturbation, group masturbation, bukkake, masturbation as performance art…all is allowed and encouraged tonight.

Are you an exhibitionist? Does that thought of others watching you turn you on? Our space is set up for safe and friendly exhibitionism and voyeurism. Come and strut your stuff. Of course we always allow sex, so come and bring a partner and have as much sex as you’d like.

We are extending our special exhibitionist price for couples who attend this month (if you’re part of a threesome or moresome, each person is $10 as long as you’re all playing together)

I’ve been trying to attend this thang since it started and every single time I’ve had a conflict. But a very old friend(he’s known me since I was 16) has recently re-entered my life, at least in part do to a change in his relationship status. Not only does he have a kinky side that complements my own, he’s good company. And company was one of the things I was missing for this type of adventure. Bonus is that despite a certain sexual history, we’re really just looking to be there for each other not to be with each other. So I’ll be his wing-man and he’ll be mine.

Looking forward to it. Especially, as this blog topic seems to attest, I’ve been horny as hell lately and I’m hoping to keep that energy going by feeding my libido as much entertaining and exotic fare as possible.

Viva la difference!

*the trailer at the top of this post is for the movie Shortbus. If you haven’t seen it get go out and rent it right now! Not only is it incredibly sexy, funny, and heart warming in equal unexpected measure, but that this film even exists is a miracle of modern movie making. Make sure to watch the extra features about how(and why) they pulled it off.

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Jun 032008

As does starting my day by getting a package from a wonderful NYC pal involving two, count them two, beautiful new shades of nail polish. When she was last here I’d commented on the shade she was wearing and we were both of the opinion that it might take awhile for it to make it to the west coast…but not if you FedEX them!

Today’s “Big Productive” will now include the application of these lovely shades to my fingers and toes. All of this week’s playmates had better plan on spending some quality time admiring said appendages.

In other news, Sunday’s fundraiser, Accelerant, was much fun. AND I totally scored booty. Though all proceeds from the bar went directly to the production, the main money making mechanisims were a raffle and silent art auction. I knew I’d buy some raffle tickets as well as a couple glasses of wine. But I only expected a reward from the booze. I’m well aware that I have many gifts, talents and abilities. Luck at games of chance has never been one of them. Lucky in love I guess.

So I was quite surprised when, as I was standing at the bar readying to purchase that second glass of wine, my number was called. I squealed, shouted, then ran across the room like I’d just been told to “come on down” by Bob Barker. I was a bit too flustered to fully understand my choice of prizes but feel that tickets to the Annex and a GC at a local restaurant was a better option than a fire spinning lesson and tools. I am somewhat less likely to light myself on fire over dinner and a show.

I also bid on and won this beautiful piece by Bruce McLean in the art auction, much to the envy of a couple of girlfriends who liked the fond memories the pose inspires…

As part of the festivities we were also gifted a pre-view of the up-coming performance. I’d like to start of by saying that, honestly, I don’t usually “get” dance. Despite my theater background it is the performance art that I have always had the least amount of skill at, so sometimes it is difficult for me to understand what I’m seeing on the stage. That said, Rachel made me cry a little. Just a bit of misting but it was only a 5 minute snippet in the midst of an otherwise joyous party vibe. But I think it is a credit to her, and her troupe’s, ability that it only took less then 5 minutes to illicit an emotional response. I am very much looking forward to seeing what she will do with over an hour of my focused attention. I plan on bringing kleenex this time.

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