Feb 172008

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Feb 172008

As most of you who have read my blog and/or come to play know, I’m a big advocate for the CSPC (also known as the Wetspot). Our local sexy community center is THE place to go if you are looking to find other kinky peeps and playmates.

I understand that your first visit to a BDSM club can be even more intimidating then your first visit to a Pro Domme. But, just as those of you who have meet me also know, it’s not only worth the risk but it is also a lot less scary then your inexperienced imagination makes it out to be.

Well, those great folks at the center are just as understanding as I am. Which is why they’ve got an event coming up just for you nervous newbies. And just so we’re clear, this is THE PERFECT EVENT for you to check out the Wetspot if you have yet to do so. But it’s also a good event to attend if you’ve been to the center before and want to meet some more people.

They’ve got one of their required orientations the same day so you can go, get your membership and play all in the same day.


6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Saturday Intro to Sex-Positive Culture
$35 yearly basic membership dues

The Intro to Sex-Positive Culture is a mandatory orientation that all
potential members must attend before joining. It is designed to
introduce the broad range of experiences available at Seattle’s Center for Sex
Positive Culture. The orientation provides attendees with a history of
sex-positive culture in Seattle and reviews some of the expectations
and etiquette expected at our events. Orientations also include a
question-and-answer period so that attendees can get any questions answered.

After you’ve decided to attend an orientation, please email
mailto:info@sexpositiveculture.org if you need more information. The next
available date can be found on the Calendar page.

Directions to the location where orientations are held are on the
Directions page. Orientations are generally held every Thursday at 7:00 PM,
every Saturday 6:30 PM, and on the second Friday and the fourth Friday
of every month at 7:30 PM. Please check our schedule to verify dates,
as orientations are changed or canceled from time to time.
Please note:

Orientations are restricted to people with picture ID showing that they
are over 18 years old. The Orientation on the second Saturday on odd months will be held in
the Annex.

8:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Pansexual BDSM Social
18+. Members only.

This FREE social happens before the Pansexual BDSM Parties for our
members. After you leave your membership card or ID at the door, you can
tour the dungeon and back rooms and generally socialize until 9:00 PM,
when we “let the beatings begin.”
For information, please email pansexual@wetspot.org.

9:00 PM to 3:00 AM
Pansexual BDSM Play Party: Newcomer Meet and Beat
18+. Members and their guests only.

Are you new to the CSPC? Perhaps you’ve fantasized and yearned for
years for a safe place to actualize your BDSM thoughts and feelings with
others. Perhaps you’ve played for years, but only behind closed doors or
alone. Perhaps you’ve been curious about the BDSM lifestyle but only
been able to read about it online or in books.

However you came to the CSPC, we want you to know we’re happy you’ve
arrived! We remember what it felt like to walk through the doors of a
BDSM club the very first time. The Newcomer’s Meet and Beat offers you an
opportunity to meet other people who are also new to the club and
additionally, chat with some more seasoned public players who will be on
hand to answer questions.

If other parties feel too daunting, know that this party is dedicated
to you, the new member and folks who are new to BDSM! In the spirit of
the CSPC, we want to help lubricate the path to fulfilling your dreams
and desires. Maybe your new play partner is also a new member and
will be waiting for you!

So there you have it kids. Now you really have no excuse for not getting out there and finding your community.

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Feb 122008

I’ll be attending this next week. Anyone care to join me?

Tuesday February 19th Erotic Seattle Education Salon: “Sex Toys!”
Dinner @ 6:00 pm
Salon @ 7:00 pm-9:00 pm FREE!
Capitol Club 414 E Pine St (Cross Street: Bellevue Avenue)

Our February topic for the ESE Salon is Sex Toys. What do you play
with? What would you like to try and cant’ get the courage to use? Do you
even use sex toys. What constitutes a sex toy? Come join us in a
lively discussion about all the toys we use.

Come early at 6:00 pm and join Allena Gabosch & Teri Ciacchi for a bite
to eat before the discussion begins. Erotic Seattle Education
Sexuality Salon Discussions occur the third Tuesday of every month in Capitol
Hill. A salon is an open facilitated discussion focused on a specific
topic. Each Sexuality Salon will be focused on a different aspect of Sex
(bet you already figured that out eh? )

Salons will start at 7pm and end at 9pm and are open to all people. If
you are a person that has difficulty with diversity or passionate
conversation you may not want to attend.

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Feb 082008

Despite a fairly lengthy and informative list on my website, a very common question I get is “What games do you like to play?”

This might go against the opinion some of you boys have about other members of your team but most guys REALLY like to know that I’m having as much fun as they are. Hence their desire to play games that I actively enjoy as well.

Here’s the thing. If I don’t like it. I won’t do it. And yes, I know its some what loopy logic, but if it’s happening in my playroom the reverse is true as well. If it’s an activity that I’m willing to engage in with you I’m going to be having just as much fun(if not more) as you are.

Another thing that seems to come up, though thank Goddess not very often, is a playmate thinking they have to play a certain game, usually one involving intense sensation play, to impress me. I know some Dominants cope the “We’ll do what I want and you’ll like it” attitude. But outside of agreed upon consensual non-consent scenes, that isn’t a game I enjoy.

Wanna know how to impress me?

Show up.

Honest and for truly, that’s really all it takes. Coming to see a woman like myself, entrusting your body and mind to the care of another, taking that HUGE leap of faith, in my book equals bad-ass. Anything that happens after you walk through my door is a bonus for both of us. But you’ll never need to do more then that to prove to me you’ve got a pair.

There are many activities that I enjoy both in the shallow and deep end of the pool. But unlike folks who just play in their private life, I get to enjoy BDSM with lots of different playmates and with a frequency that is hard to match for even the most determined life-styler. As a result I don’t need to get all my kinks met by just one playmate.

Don’t like flogging, or feminization or CBT…well that’s okay because I’m probably going to get a chance to play those games before the week is out.

So the question you should really be asking yourself is “What games do I like to play?”

This is a point I’ve been wanting to make for awhile now and I felt that it would be a good one to address before the rest of what I wanted to post about. Which is extreme CBT, also known as edge play.

A new addition to my harem of playmates very much enjoys that dark, dangerous, deep end of the pool. And as he has proven himself to be a strong swimmer, I’ve been happy to splash around there with him. We’ll call him Bull(why will become clear soon). Bull has been playing these types of games for a long time and with a number of different Dominants. In my experience, I would have to say he is an extreme masochist, especially when it comes to his boy bits. A few of you who have seen me lately might have heard me mention him in reference to the gift he brought me for our first session. He brought me a soldering gun. Yes, the little device you use to melt metal. At his request, I attacked his family jewels with it.

Very. Intense. Scene.

But I still giggled like a 5 year old on a sugar high the entire time.

Well the other day we tried out one new to me game and one new to us both toy. If you are at all squeamish and/or don’t want to see photos of another man’s junk do NOT click the link:

Read more

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