Aug 132020

Hey there. So as you might have noticed if you didn’t jump to this page first, there’s been some changes to the website, and my practice, necessitated by the considerable changes in the world we live in. I’ve updated my Home page and Personal page a bit but more important changes worth familiarizing yourself with are on the FAQ, Games, and Contact pages.

Of major note, I’m entertaining guest in-house again. My screening process for playmates. new and old, has tightened as I’ll be entering a whole new level of “low volume” and only hosting one person a day. Depending on how things go with local cases and phases, that might change, but for now I feel it is the best practice to put in place. Details can be found on the Contact page.

I am much more open and interested in video or phone coaching and Distance Domination, for folks looking for those particular services and/or the safest socially distanced option for sexy time. This is reflected on the FAQ page.

I’ve had to put a temporary hold on certain activities to facilitate the uninterrupted wearing of face protection, a new non-negotiable requirement for all guests. But as you can see from my photo, safe can still be quite sexy. Maybe even a little more erotically mysterious. Additional info and a list of affected interests are on the Games page.

I miss my pervy playmates so very much, and like a lot of providers right now, I’m worried about how folks are coping with the lack of access to services like mine. While I’m committed to doing my best to address, and abate it, there will still be risk associated with in-person sessions. It is in everyone’s best interest that we make the choices right for us, and those who depend on us. But for some of us, what constitutes best choices includes saving our sexual sanity. It is with this in mind that I am, very selectively, seeing people again.

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