Aug 132020

Hey there. So as you might have noticed if you didn’t jump to this page first, there’s been some changes to the website, and my practice, necessitated by the considerable changes in the world we live in. I’ve updated my Home page and Personal page a bit but more important changes worth familiarizing yourself with are on the FAQ, Games, and Contact pages.

Of major note, I’m entertaining guest in-house again. My screening process for playmates. new and old, has tightened as I’ll be entering a whole new level of “low volume” and only hosting one person a day. Depending on how things go with local cases and phases, that might change, but for now I feel it is the best practice to put in place. Details can be found on the Contact page.

I am much more open and interested in video or phone coaching and Distance Domination, for folks looking for those particular services and/or the safest socially distanced option for sexy time. This is reflected on the FAQ page.

I’ve had to put a temporary hold on certain activities to facilitate the uninterrupted wearing of face protection, a new non-negotiable requirement for all guests. But as you can see from my photo, safe can still be quite sexy. Maybe even a little more erotically mysterious. Additional info and a list of affected interests are on the Games page.

I miss my pervy playmates so very much, and like a lot of providers right now, I’m worried about how folks are coping with the lack of access to services like mine. While I’m committed to doing my best to address, and abate it, there will still be risk associated with in-person sessions. It is in everyone’s best interest that we make the choices right for us, and those who depend on us. But for some of us, what constitutes best choices includes saving our sexual sanity. It is with this in mind that I am, very selectively, seeing people again.

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Feb 162020

Here’s a rambling post about the recent holiday, may it inspire you to your own acts of unapologetic pervyness.

First things first, I think Valentine’s Day is pretty much money motivated, mass-marketed, monogamy propaganda. I’ve felt like this when I’ve been single, and when I’ve been in relationships, including the current lovely and long-lived one I’m in now. Seriously, this one year I intentionally scheduled a  surgery on 2/14 as the idea of spending even part of the day under general anesthesia sounded great. So thats my cranky, Gen X, feminist disclaimer.

This year might have completely won me over.

It started with a text from my honey – “Happy Captain Cook being stabbed to death by Hawaiians Day my Love! Can’t wait for our date tonight! I think we should have tacos post butt sex.”

That text is a master class presentation on how to make me happy. Honor my inner grumpy regarding mainstream holidays (with a nice shout out to our shared feelings on white colonialist), express enthusiasm for being in my company, and promise me your ass, and tacos, in proper order. 

I flirted back by posting a pic on his Facebook of Jim Henson and Kermit. 

See there’s this game we like to play, and it requires a bit of planning ahead, and most importantly, prep. I like to call it my Jim Henson impersonation. Most folks just call it fisting.  I adore pounding his greedy butt, but timing isn’t always conducive for taking things as far, literal and figurative, as we want to go. So staying in, waiting on dinner, and starting our date a little later to allow time for full intestinal irrigation seemed like an excellent way to celebrate such a dubious holiday.

And all the extra effort on his part had a nice silver lining…

I love orgasm control. Sometimes to prolong an experience, sometimes to be evil, sometimes because its funny, sometimes to build character, train folks for better self control, but always because it turns me on to do so. This time around, my playmate was likely even more interested in his delayed gratification then I was. This meant I could fuck him as hard, and fast as I wanted, I could make him stroke his rope-bound dick while he licked me to sweet release again and again. But as excited as he got, as tight as my cunt and that rope squeezed, as much as he wanted to come, he wouldn’t let himself. Because he really wanted that sweet ass pounding and he wanted it as good as it can possibly be, so fearing the refractory period he held back, and denied himself the nut he desperately wanted to bust. But he couldn’t not fully enjoy what was happening leading up to that happy event. Couldn’t not stretch and strain himself into every last inch of my pussy while I rode him at a gallop until just when I felt his resolve slipping and then I’d freeze until he whimpered for more. That was very entertaining for quite awhile.

When I knew he was both utterly lost, and reliably determined, I left him to his own devices and made use of his skilled mouth. When he was inside me, his successes aided his resolve, as each of my orgasms flooded away some that tempting friction. But drinking in all that wonderful wetness just worked him up more, and leaving his “leash” in his own hands, did him no favors. I could feel him try and negotiate with himself to just come, even if it meant less awesome butt stuff, even if it meant no butt stuff that night. 

Luckily the choice was made for him when he brought be to one of those big, beautiful, all bets are off, Os which was as good a time as any for a little break…and a transition to butt stuff.

A word or two about fisting. Its not a thing that even most people who are into butt stuff are into. Large object play is kinda its own category, so don’t think this is something you need to graduate into doing with increasingly larger and larger butt toys. Unless of course you like the sound of getting fisting then, yes, work at establishing physical familiarity by practicing taking larger and larger designed to the purpose objects. Obviously you are not going to permanently “stretch out” your butt hole (strongest muscle in the human body). You’re just getting a solid sense memory in how to relax and accept your desired toys or body part. My partner has been doing his homework for many years as this has been an interest of his for a very long time.

And for the record, it was his idea to cage his dick before I started working his ass.

Sluts, I tell you, always expanding what it means to super size an experience.

I like him best crouched at the edge of the bed for fisting. Easier for him to open up while in a comfy position. It also puts his ass at the perfect height for me, standing behind him I can comfortably take my time. I usually start with just a couple of fingers to warm, and lube, him up. Couldn’t not tease him a bit more so I focused in on his prostate and pillaged the bejeezus out of it till his moans got guttural. And then we start stretching him open. Two fingers become three, worked that in till it felt ready and then a little longer just to make him wait for what I knew he was  really craving. Four fingers isn’t that much of a change, but once you fold in the thumb, then you start getting the pressure of what the real challenge is going to be. That row of knuckles, thats reaching the summit for fisting. Mine are 3 1/2″ across. A large amount of lube, and a surprisingly small period of time, working my hand a little further in and a little less out, a little more in, and a bit out. And then that delicious moment when I slid fully inside him. I gave him a moment to adjust himself to his new reality while admiring the unique view. And then we got. Right. To it. Interspersed slow measured strokes with bursts of fast intense pounding, working myself in nice and deep, found the resistance spot and pressed into it with every stroke till he was completely lost to the fuck. When I felt he’d “suffered” enough I set a steady pace, pressing heavily on his happy button with each pass, until I felt his body tense around me. His come drained right out through his untouched, still caged, cock while he screamed his orgasm into a pillow.

I am a master puppeteer.

After a bit of cleanup we tried to order some food but keep getting a busy signal. While we were waiting for the line to clear we got a little cuddly and well, one thing lead to another…another bunch of orgasms to be exact, one of which was directed onto my feet. 

Valentine’s Day feels pretty fucking redeemed, even if we did miss out on tacos.



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Oct 082019

Took this pic for a friend but felt like sharing with y’all.
The crown is ceremonial, not as yet officially sanctioned. But you’re still welcome to show your allegiance to my Kinky Kingdom now by setting up a playdate this month. Demonstrations of devotion from a distance are also always appreciated. Spa gift cards are particularly welcome this time of year in case this photo leaves you feeling…inspired.

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Sep 112019

Life, sex, and comedy are all about timing…occasionally things purchased and shipped together from my wishlist will imply some potentially very interesting “off-label” use…

For the record, only one of these things is ever going anywhere near anyone’s butt.

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Aug 062019

Sometimes I forget that not everyone is on social media. I’m going to try and be better about posting what I share on Facebook and Twitter, selectively, here as well. This moment was captured a few days ago in honor of a friend frighting cancer. She started a tradition of wearing tiaras on treatment days and I and her many friends similarly accessorize in support.

The cause = not so sexy, but the scene sure as hell was, and it brought a very specific smile to her face when she got this pic.

The lucky boy in the picture had many facial expressions that day…I’m sure a smile was in there somewhere, I was a bit focused on tanning his ass.

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Jan 012019

Hey there Pervs.

Thanks for stopping by.

Here we go.

A brand new year.

I’d considered doing a post about how I’m gonna be posting more…but looking back over previous entries, pretty sure that statement is as kiss of death as other things you shouldn’t say around December 31st.

Like “Surely things couldn’t get any worse”.

Or “I feel like this is gonna be my year”.

As the one species that has taken life-goal cock blocking to n’er seen before heights, picking a barely-more-than arbitrary day to think that all your problems and bad habits will finally be left behind, starts to make failure look like a fetish that everyone suffers from.

Best to make those changes gradually, and for more reasons than a calendar role-over.

So I make no promises that posting will suddenly become more prolific, but it is something that I want to do more of, and is a part of a larger project goal that I’ve already started on.

And it is worth noting theres a “bit” of external motivation toward posting more updates here. And that is the continuing fallout from the horrible legislation SESTA/FOSTA. I’ve posted about it before (bit here, more on social media), and not really in the mood to dive back in with all the deets. If you somehow don’t know about it already here’s a good link.
What I will say is that it has already had a chilling effect on providers like myself being able to stay visible on the internet, and justified suspicions are that more damage will continue to be done until the law is repealed and the actions it inspired are reversed.

Which is to say, that as much fun as I’ve had on Facebook, and was starting to have on Twitter, I have no idea how long folks like myself will still be able to post, and/or have our posts actually seen, on there, or on any corporately run entity. Between huge shifts in terms of service like we saw with Tumbler’s over-reaching and hypocritical adult content ban, and Facebook laughably threatening to time-out any naughty talkers, to more subtle and insidious things like shadow-banning on Twitter, platforms that thrived specifically due to the labor and contributions of sex workers have been all too quick to silence us…even before the law had been put into practice, let alone tested in the courts for constitutionality.

But it’ll take a bigger step by the powers that be to silence or censor this blog. And I’ll be damned if I’m gonna stop talking about all the beautiful and inspiring, pervy, sexy things that rock my world, my heart, and my loins.

So Happy New Years, Bitches! And be sure to come back a bit more often because maybe…just maybe…there’ll be something new to see here soon.

Lets just hope that it truly isn’t the last bastion…

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Dec 262018

I gave him the new Art and Arcana D&D book. He gave me The Butt Book, some fancy chocolates, an Edward Gory Tarot Deck, and a little while later, about 15 orgasms. Happy Holiday indeed.

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Sep 112018

So fucking loving this weather! Here’s to the return of my curls behaving themselves, bringing the boots out of the back of the closet, and the color black taking its rightful place dominating all of my wardrobe.
#happygoth #Ilovefall #feelingwitchy

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Aug 012018

Hey Pervs.

Welcome to my new home and hosting. So don’t be alarmed if you notice the website name change from to here at It was a change mostly motivated by outside forces but glad to have found us a guaranteed sex worker friendly home for the future.

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Apr 012018

Hey Perverts.

Thanks for stopping by.

Just a heads up in case you notice some changes. Because of the dramatic, and seriously fucked up, changes to a US law that had protected all sorts of wonderful sexy things from being censored off the internet by puritanical asshats, I’ll be moving my website to a new home very shortly.

But just so you know, in case this site goes dark for a bit as well as for when it comes back with a new web address, I’M STILL HERE! Still entertaining enquires from prospective playmates. Still helping folks like you explore those beautiful, but often hidden, parts of yourself. Still fighting the good fight for all our sexual freedoms, speech based and otherwise.

Basically still kicking ass.

Like ya do.

Also working on a few new fun things that are still in the beta testing phase, but I’d rather not tease you too much with them, not when theres so many naughty ways I can tease you right now.

I would like to clarify one small thing, since some little boys have been having reading comprehension issues.

After much demand, I’d recently added Distance Domination, thru video conferencing and by phone, to my offerings in addition to my Coaching services, which I’ve been offering for a number of years. Now, most men get the difference between a conversation you have with your dick in your hand…and the type where you don’t. But since a few people are still struggling with this here’s a bit more clarification.

Kinky Coaching, or Just Talk sessions, while often about sexuality and a perfectly fine place to talk about your sexual interests, are in and of themselves not meant to be sexy time. They are sometimes flirty, because I’m a flirty person, but again…just talking…nobodies doing anything sexual to anyone or themselves. Just two people talking, not unlike any other type of life coaching.

If you would like to have a conversation, that could still involve you asking questions about your sexuality, like the commonality of your kinks or what women like in a partner, but said session IS meant to strongly affect your bikini region. AND you’ll be able, if not directed, to do something about it. So if you want to be naked, masturbate, and/or engage in any type of D/S role-play as the majority, or even a part of our chat, then you should schedule a Distance Domination session.

But if you try and fight me on where I’ve chosen to place the dividing line…then you’ll get neither option, so don’t be THAT guy and miss a great opportunity.

Things are already getting restrictive on what you’re able to find on the internet from my, and similar, industries. How you interact with us will be more important than ever…because we certainly aren’t feeling forgiving right now, not when there’s still so many lovely people who are fun, and respectful, to play with.

To be continued…

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