Nov 092011

“Dear Mistress Katherine,

I saw your internet page and I was wondeirng whether you might be able to help me expand my experiences with ballbusting. I will be in Seattle again soon.

I have seen a couple of Mistresses in before for ballkicking and ballbusting sessions. All have been good but none have pushed me to the limits which I want to experience.

Would you be interested and able to kick me in the balls hard?

Wondering would you by chance have any type of matrial arts expereience?

Have you done any straight ballkicking sessions? I have been kicked medium hard but as I mentioned above, I am looking to get kicked harder. Are you able and interested in doing that?

If you do have this type of experience, what kind of after effects should I expect? I have had mild swelling before and once a little bit of bruising but prefer to avoid any marks if possible.

I only like to get kicked barefoot or by stockinged feet? Is that okay?

Please let me know your thoughts on the above questions and whether you might be interested in sessioning with me when I am in Seattle.

Thank you,

Hello again D.

I’m forwarding on both your email from last May as well as my response, also from May. Since the email that you sent me today is exactly the same as the one you sent then, there didn’t seem to be any need to compose something new on my end either.

FYI, there are some kinks, while legitimate and yes, extreme, that have the misfortune of being a common topic for individuals to email ladies like myself regarding when they have absolutely no interest in actually booking s session. These pathetic and cowardly individuals seem to enjoy wasting the time of ladies like myself by trying to rope us into extended email exchanges about their claimed kink.

I am sure that you would hate to be lumped in with such small dicked wankers and that your interest is, of course, completely sincere.

Today is a very good day to reach me by phone to schedule your appointment. I look forward to your call.

M Katherine

Had a very fun second date with a lovely young lady last night and one of the many…many…things we found to fill our 8 hour conversation(gods but I love that about women) was the charming combination of snarkiness and sadism which seems to be a common trait among ladies in my profession. She was lamenting the fact that she feels she is “too nice” for such caustic replies that appear to be a necessary skill to ply trades like mine. My feelings on that are:

A: There are certainly worse things then dating an adorable woman who doesn’t default to sarcasm(but appears to find it sexy in others).

B: A combination of “You’d be surprised…” and “Give it time…”

8 years of time wasting emails and inappropriate phone calls would have even Mother Teresa giving in to her inner Dorothy Parker on the odd asshat. At the start, sure, you’re inclined to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Like I did with this guy, the first time he contacted me. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, even though his email reeked of a form letter, phishing expedition. But the longer you stay in the industry, the easier it is to spot bullshit from sincere, if sometimes awkward, inquiry. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the worst offenders are often repeat offenders. Which is why I maintain an extra special little file of folly for fellas like this. If you should ever find yourself in said file, its unlikely you’ll ever find yourself playing out your fantasies with me.

Luckily, most men are NOT time wasting wankers and that’s what keeps us Ladies sane. Case in point, when I opened my mail this morning there was a polite, completely appropriate and clearly sincere session inquiry from a potential new client as well as a very sweet Howdy from a former playmate touching base. Both, strangely enough(or not, sometimes these things travel in threes) both enjoy genital torture. The latter gent, is quite fond of intense ballbusting and I’d recently commented on some nice things he’d had to say about our previous play time on one of our local provider review boards. Hope to see him again soon. Cause as much as I enjoy pitching a good snarky speedball, I prefer batting practice.

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