Apr 282009

“I’ll be in my bunk”


Though the artist did an amazing job making the tentacles look like they are organic and on the move…I’m fairly certain that they don’t move, much less capable of the kind of activities I would like to engage in with them…


but a tentacle lovin perv can still dream…

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Apr 272009

Time for a Great Big Update for April just in time to count down that last few days of it. Yes I’ve been busy…doing lots of fun stuff blah blah blah…parties at the Spot…a drag show at Julia’s…sex with my hot redheaded girlfriend…a tango lesson…lots of smacking folks around in pay for play scenarios as well as the afore mentioned hot redhead and another extra tasty lady…I even managed to work in a nice penis pony ride AND a 24hr trip to Portland, since the last time I checked in here.

So yeah, busy. Tough gig, isn’t it?

But all that’s not important. As much as you’d surely like to hear all the juicy details from the above adventures, something even MORE important, titillating, and timely is about to occur. Something so significant that it has pulled me from my non stop buffet of pussy and power play to update this damn blog. In just a few short days the sexiest event* in Seattle WILL BE HAPPENING!!!!!

That’s right pals and pervs its time once again for the infamous Seattle Erotic Arts Fest!!!

This year is sure to be even bigger and better then the previous ones…which means you will only appear to be that much more lame if you can’t drag your ass down to the Seattle Center Exhibition hall for at least one of the days or nights its running.

It should go without saying that the nights are considerably tastier as the eye candy walking around looking at all the eye candy on the walls makes things that much more sweet and savory. But if you don’t like crowds, or are worried about yer mom running into you while yer lookin all teh porn, then slip in for a matinee at least.

Extra special bonus incentive(though you really shouldn’t need one…seriously this thing rocks) is that I won’t just be in attendance for you to see, possibly hang out with or stalk(depending on how well I know ya), I’ll be volunteering and pretty easy to find both at the special VIP party Thursday evening and the big last night hurrah on Saturday.

Unless you just joined us, you’ve all heard me pimp out the Center for Sex Positive Culture and its numerous, wonderful events, workshops and parties MANY times. Even in person, I like to remind local folks that they do have a great and accessible community organization the likes of which no other city can claim. There’s really no need for a kinky person to have to stumble around in the dark by themselves in this town…not when its so much more fun to do it with other kinky folks. So following along with that agenda, I’ll be manning the Center’s “exhibit” at SEAF and chatting up the event’s attendees, answering questions, and hopefully once again putting a friendly face to an organization, and ideology, that many may still find threatening. Surely with some of the meant-to-disturb art offerings on display little bitty me and my vision of a sex positive world will be a welcome safe haven for any scared bunnies who accidentally show up.

Muah ha ha ha.

I’ve been informed that the CSPC exhibit will be toward the back to one side of the stage, between the scent memory exhibit and the commemorative(and fund-raising) photo booth. There’s supposed to be a banner. I’ll hopefully be on the busy side, and not really able to spend hours chatting with pals, but do come over and say hi whether you know me yet or not.

I will also be attending Friday evening, and that’s my night to drunkenly schmooze and enjoy the art. Though I will be much harder to find given my height, the sheer number of people that are sure to be there, and the fact that I’ll be on the move. So feel free to let me know in the comments if I should keep my eye out for you.

Check out the website, follow the links to buy your tickets on-line or to find an in-person location selling them(they may sell-out at the event and even if they don’t the ticket line sucks), spend some time putting together something fabulous, scandalous, and/or sexy to wear, come early and stay late.


This is one event you don’t want to have to wait to hear me blog about. Come experience this for yourself!

See ya there…

*okay, there may have been a few things I did this last month which still rival SEAF for the sexiest title…but SEAF is something that more then just me and my playmate get to enjoy.

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Apr 092009

Kinda silly bog quiz…not sure I agree with it but it does involve a picture of a pretty kitty…

You Are a White Tiger
You have a strong individualistic streak. You are unique and outspoken.
You have firm ideas of right and wrong. You will stand up for your unpopular beliefs with pride.

You believe that learning the truth is important. Even if it’s ugly, uncomfortable, or awkward.
You give it to people straight, and you expect them to do the same. You can’t stand ambiguity of any kind.

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