Don’t Panic

Hey Perverts.

Thanks for stopping by.

Just a heads up in case you notice some changes. Because of the dramatic, and seriously fucked up, changes to a US law that had protected all sorts of wonderful sexy things from being censored off the internet by puritanical asshats, I’ll be moving my website to a new home very shortly.

But just so you know, in case this site goes dark for a bit as well as for when it comes back with a new web address, I’M STILL HERE! Still entertaining enquires from prospective playmates. Still helping folks like you explore those beautiful, but often hidden, parts of yourself. Still fighting the good fight for all our sexual freedoms, speech based and otherwise.

Basically still kicking ass.

Like ya do.

Also working on a few new fun things that are still in the beta testing phase, but I’d rather not tease you too much with them, not when theres so many naughty ways I can tease you right now.

I would like to clarify one small thing, since some little boys have been having reading comprehension issues.

After much demand, I’d recently added Distance Domination, thru video conferencing and by phone, to my offerings in addition to my Coaching services, which I’ve been offering for a number of years. Now, most men get the difference between a conversation you have with your dick in your hand…and the type where you don’t. But since a few people are still struggling with this here’s a bit more clarification.

Kinky Coaching, or Just Talk sessions, while often about sexuality and a perfectly fine place to talk about your sexual interests, are in and of themselves not meant to be sexy time. They are sometimes flirty, because I’m a flirty person, but again…just talking…nobodies doing anything sexual to anyone or themselves. Just two people talking, not unlike any other type of life coaching.

If you would like to have a conversation, that could still involve you asking questions about your sexuality, like the commonality of your kinks or what women like in a partner, but said session IS meant to strongly affect your bikini region. AND you’ll be able, if not directed, to do something about it. So if you want to be naked, masturbate, and/or engage in any type of D/S role-play as the majority, or even a part of our chat, then you should schedule a Distance Domination session.

But if you try and fight me on where I’ve chosen to place the dividing line…then you’ll get neither option, so don’t be THAT guy and miss a great opportunity.

Things are already getting restrictive on what you’re able to find on the internet from my, and similar, industries. How you interact with us will be more important than ever…because we certainly aren’t feeling forgiving right now, not when there’s still so many lovely people who are fun, and respectful, to play with.

To be continued…

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