March 2008


Upcoming Kinky Goodness!

****Just updated the SAKE flyer with a much sexier one that lists some of the artist. Also added a better link to the event webpages**** Next week I HIGHLY recommend you check out this event: It looks like my fabulous gal pal Nina will have a piece in SAKE. But Studio Q, her and her wife Amie’s space, which


Voodoo Kiss Memories

Just got an email the other day from my buddy Mistress Bella Morte titled “Better late then never”. She has been the guardian of the photographic evidence from back when Voodoo Kiss(the darling Ronabell’s utterly inspired play parties) were being held at Venom Studio. So these are a couple of years old now. But still damn sexy. And are yet


Pop Quiz

Your Sex Sign is… You’ve got a ton of girls and guys trying to get with you! You’re pratically booked up for the next four years. Not only are you great in bed – you’re great at making people feel sexy. No wonder you’re so popular! Libra, as you probably have noticed, you are always surrounded by scores of admiring


Post Mortem

So last night was absolutely fabulous as predicted. If it was actually possible I think it was even more cruise-y then any SEAF I’ve been to so far. That might have had to do with the floor plan which was really just a great big open space with a stage at one end in the middle. Additionally, though I knew

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