Who are you searching for?

An experienced partner absent attitude or pretension. A well-versed sexual adventurer you can trust to respect your limits but still challenge you to new heights. Someone with the empathy and enthusiasm of a lifelong sensual explorer and the education and insight of a tenured professional. Someone who has the imagination to keep things interesting, the skill to do so safely, and an appetite that rivals your own. 

I am the Mistress you’ve been looking for.

I’ve spent 25 years here in Seattle actively and unapologetically enjoying BDSM, and for more than 20 years I’ve been passionately and professionally devoted to spreading a similar state of acceptance and bliss to all my kink inclined comrades. For one of the greatest joys of my life has been helping others to revel in this part of themselves, to let go of shame and confusion, and be their own perfectly formed pervy selves, even if that isn’t a state of openness they can access every day. Every session is the chance for you to get to know yourself better, to see what you can take, and discover new things that turn you on.

If we are to stroll this erotic path together you will find me to be playful, creative, sincere, sensual, occasionally demanding, and often voracious. So whether you are just taking your first tentative steps or have been walking this path for awhile, welcome, enjoy my site, and I’m excited to be part of your journey.

Mistress Katherine

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