Mar 082009

That’s right. Time again for another one of the fabulous monthly Fem Domme Teas at the Center for Sex Positive Culture. I am excited albeit a bit apprehensive this time.

Last month’s tea was much fun and included the added treat of helping a pal celebrate her birthday. Of course given the event’s theme, as well as the taste of the lady in question, she was giving out her birthday spankings not receiving them. She’d already found herself a new friend in the person of a respectful older gent who’d been massaging her shoulders and back while she and I chatted. So it was only too easy to “reward” him by letting him play the part of royal whipping boy. We might have fibbed just a bit on the age of the birthday girl to help keep things interesting. I’m fairly certain she hasn’t spent 65 years on this planet…at least not in this incarnation.

My effort, aside from supplying the impliments(though for the record there are always a number of nice toys provided by the event organizers) was focused on keeping our probably not-as-masochistic-as-he-was-being-treated play thing in a at least some what pleasant state with lots of head and sholder petting. Masochistic or not, he was certainly endorphin flying by the end so a good time was still had by all.

My nervousness simply has to do with attendance. The first Tea I went to, while very fun, was a bit imbalanced with the female to male ratio being roughly 2/1. But as I suspected would happen, word got out and last month’s party saw a considerable swelling in numbers as well as a near perfect balance of the men to women quota. If this trend continues, I will be not at all surprised if there aren’t just more folks at today’s Tea but that the pendulum will continue its swing and there will be more servants then ladies to be served.

Of course I want the event to be a raging success. It is so nice to not just see this power dynamic but to see it in such all encompassing quantity. I just don’t like crowds and worry that the conversations I’ve had with the other Dominant ladies will be harder to achieve with a physical, as well as auditory, increase in volume. I imagine that this one might be the turn of the tide on whether we need to take over the larger Center space.

Besides which I already have two sure to be wonderful conversations planned with two lovely ladies. One I have chatted with all too briefly on a couple of occasions and have yet to be able to match my schedule with for more in depth talk. The other naughty miss, I know very well, but today I get to meet one of her regular playmates. It will also be her first time attending one of the teas and I’m excited for her to see for herself what all the fuss is about. Extra bonus, do to a last minute going away party invite we’d had to move our last date from Friday to tonight. So I get to watch her go all kid in a candy store and then throughly take adavantage of her sugar high later.

Life, it is as sweet as southern tea.

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