Out and Proud

My friends are so weird…but at least they know me. Just got these two links sent to me: Thanks TJ And from my lady love: Even cooler then the video, yesterday she went ahead and gave me one of my Xmas gifts…the big beautiful Octopus stuffed animal I put on my wish list. No molesting yet…of the toy…plenty of molesting


Arrrrrr…adding to my wish list…

Here’s a few more shopping ideas along with a shameless plug for one of my favorite artists. I have long been a fan of the Pin-up Art of Krysztof Nemeth and it looks like he’s spreading a bit of Holiday cheer this month by offering some amazing deals on some of his art work. Sad to say that I only


Speaking of Santa…

Those big ole pervs over at Fetlife are doing a bit of a giveaway… If you haven’t seen it already check it out: http://fetlife.com/sit_on_santas_lap I’ve voted for a couple of waist cinchers and one very wicked looking electric toy. Mwah ha ha! And speaking of Santa’s lap, try reliving some childhood trauma, or just enjoy other’s, over at: http://sketchysantas.com/ Happy


Dear Santa

I usually get folks asking for gift ideas, which is why I have some suggestions on my website. But this time of year the requests seem to become a bit more frantic. With that in mind, here are a few ideas for those of you who have a kink for wrapping paper and squeals of girlish glee: I absolutely love


Almost makes me wish I had a penis

Just saw a blog post about this tasty toy: http://www.fleshlight.com/succu-dry/ I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about the Fleshlight, and even though this one has some interesting new design features(nibbling nubbins?), I imagine the result is similar. And on a very silly note. Yes I am a crazy bird lady. But I will never be this much of a crazy


We interrupt this broadcast…

Just got back late last night from an amazing four days and three nights in my sister city to the south, Portland. Strip clubs, chicken satay, and much sexy shenanigans with pretty people in shiny clothing. It was fabulous and full of great stroke worthy stories but I’ve got a not so little something to blog about first. Most of


Southern charm

I think I may be in love with this man. We’ve never met. Probably never will meet. But damn. This is one sexy, intelligent and accurate rant. And if those fuckers come after the bacon…there will be blood.


The week in review

Sitting here, enjoying the sunshine and posting about pervy things. Life is good. Quick rundown of all the fun stuff from last week. Things got off to a very inspiring start on Monday as I reconnected with a playmate who I hadn’t seen in many many months. He’s kept me updated on all the wonderful, though very difficult, personal work


Things just got a whole lot scarier…

As often happens with the approach of Fall my life seems to be bursting lately with fun opportunities and fabulous people. You know how you have those things that you’re interested in…but the timing never seems to work out. Or you’ve got a great idea and lack the motivation or man power to make it happen. Two big things that



Coding is such a pain in the ass…but then there’s the great feeling of smarty-pants accomplishment when I’m done…and everything is exactly like I want it. Still need to add some stuff to the Contact Page, and will be updating the home page later this weekend. But the big work, overhauling the FAQ page to reflect some very exciting new

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