Mar 222009

So despite my plans and many good reasons for going, I did not make it to last weeks HUMP. I was unexpectedly attacked by a 5’9″ squirrel and ended up staying home for some private sexy chat and play.

But it does sound like I missed quite a party. The pre-play discussion this time around was orgy etiquette, which actually managed to inspire a full blown orgy later that night. I’m sure it was quite the sight to be seen. Though the curtain was back in place between the masturbation area and the rest of the play space this time around, so if it was viewed by solo players, it was through a soft fabric haze. But the party-for-one kids did get their very own private show at some point that night as a generous and exhibitionist couple bridged the gap and set their scene in the self-love section.

The debate on this issue has been fairly heated but I’m actually really proud of how, aside from some unnecessary derogatory terms for the self-love crew(which were addressed and people fixed their language), the conversation has been surprisingly flame free. It’s always so nice when a discussion can be productive instead of just a bunch of whining and name calling. But as last week’s HUMP seems to have attested, people can challenge themselves and change their minds.

My new plan is to attend HUMP next week which, while still a lot of fun, might prove to be more controversial in its set up. Copied from the Center’s website:

“What’s going on with the Solo space this week?

This week will feature the intense set-up, with the solo space and the cuddle/romp pile separated by the columns. Sheer curtains will hang between the spaces. The sheer curtains will be Open from 10:00-11:00, and clear signs and announcements will remind you.

Hump will feature public sex futons on the dance floor outside the solo space and not in view of the solo space tonight. And Hump will add some tables for social interactions to the end of the dance floor as well, out of view of solo space”

Since the event organizers are giving folks plenty of warning, hopefully there won’t be as much fall-out this time around. I’ll keep my legs crossed just in case.

As I mentioned in my last post, tonight I’l be attending the monthly masturbation party, And I touch Myself. Extra special bonus is that I will be accompanied by the afore mentioned giant attack squirrel, who is in truth, a lovely, willowy built, red-headed goddess. She sort of looks like me…if you’d put me on a rack and stretched me out for another foot, but we have the exact same hair, dark blue eyes and perfectly pale skin, though she scored more freckles. She’s also notably younger then I am, so much so that its insanely tempting to fuck with people by saying she’s my daughter…and then thoroughly making out with her in front of them.

Who knows, maybe I’ll put my plan into action tonight at the party. Even without such porno-rific role-play we are sure to cause a stir. I have no intention of putting on a public sex show while there…but we do tend to have a hard time keeping our hands off each-other…maybe just a little bit of wrestlie tickle torture. Though I don’t even think its bragging to say that we could both be sitting at a table doing our taxes while wearing ski suits and still provide plenty of masturbation fodder.

Speaking of said sexy girlfriend, which is sure to happen many times on here, I want to put it out there to those of you who I have played with in the past that she and I are available to session together. This is not an option that I’ve really put too much effort into offering with other playmates, but she and I have a very similar energy that we’d both feel comfortable sharing. That she is lifestyle, in addition to having experience in the professional realm, has certainly helped motivate me in this direction. That she is gorgeous and likes to laugh as much as I do, should certainly sweeten the pot for any of you who have been curious what it might be like to be the focus of someone like me times two.

As usual, if you want to play twenty questions, send me an email. If you just want to go ahead and lock down a day/time, give me a call. For the foreseeable future, this option only exists for returning clients.

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