Mar 172009

And here’s some of the things going on that will keep it that way for awhile.

Hitting the youth group party at the CSPC tonight because I have a play date with a luscious lady friend. At last month’s party I was doing spanking tutorials as part of their pre-party tasting. She was hoping to improve the skill set of one of her new playmates so she brought him over and offered herself up as the live model for our lesson. I’m not sure if said lad has moved on, didn’t have an impressive enough learning curve or she just liked my particular play style, but she’s asked for a re-match. I had a lot of fun playing teacher that night but it’s different when you’re just getting your kinky groove on, don’t have a group of folks waiting for their turn, and haven’t been instructed to not abuse your power with the molesting of young nubile flesh. I didn’t get any apples that night but I think I did pop a few cherries.

The educational side of things this evening has to do with artful, but fast, clothing removal for those nights when buttons are just too much to be bothered with. I hope that somewhere in the midst of this evening’s fun there will be some acknowledgment of the holiday. I’m passing on staying true to my genetic heritage and spending the day/night in some boisterous bar working my way to the bottom of a whiskey bottle. However, I may be taking some lessons from my astrological mascot in this commercial:

Gil “the crab” is my new favorite-ist thing(seriously, there might need to be a logo tank-top purchase involved) and was brought to my attention by my beautiful and beloved Squirrel. The sequel to the original commercial is pretty priceless too. I fully appreciate the likes of David Mamet and Aaron Sorkin, but sometimes silly little things like this just freakin kill me.

Tomorrow I’ll be attending HUMP, also at the CSPC. There’s been a bit of a fuss over one of the activities at the event and I’ve weighed in a number of times on general principle. But it only seems fair that I show up and see for myself what some folks have been complaining about. Though my not so secret agenda is to actually help bridge the gap between those who are complaining and the folks being complained about.

The basis for this fight has to do with a subject very close to my, um, “heart”, and one that I have posted about in this journal on a number of occasions. Seems that in an effort to make certain members of this event, the self-love crowd, feel more like a part of the group, a curtain was removed which separated them from the view of(and the viewing of) some of the rest of the event’s participants. I’m gonna wait till after Wednesday night to do my own rant on the subject but it says a lot that even in one of this state’s bastions of sex-positive culture something as, I feel, innocuous as masturbation can freak out so many people.

To follow up on that field trip, I’ll be skipping this month’s Saturday costume party to conserve my energy for the also monthly full-power/judgement-free masturbation party, And I Touch Myself. I suspect there will be drama at the HUMP and I’ll want to refresh myself with an event that is truly supportive* of solo as well as partnered play.

Lastly, to give some of my pals who are sure to want to check this out a little more notice, here’s the flyer and info for the sure to be amazing Steampunk party on the 28th.

*the event organizers of the HUMP have been really great during this whole debate and that comment was not meant as a jab at them but me airing my frustration with some of the attendee’s close-mindedness and lack of understanding and respect.

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