Sep 142009

As often happens with the approach of Fall my life seems to be bursting lately with fun opportunities and fabulous people.

You know how you have those things that you’re interested in…but the timing never seems to work out. Or you’ve got a great idea and lack the motivation or man power to make it happen. Two big things that I’ve been middling too seriously interested in adding to my world have been doing double domination sessions and expanding my media foot print on the web and else where.

What has mostly held me back has been the same thing in both cases. I hadn’t yet met the right people to inspire me to chart new territory.

I’ve been so very happy with my work, as it stands, for years now. But since the universe has seen fit to gift me with a few truly inspiring new friends I’ve decided that it’s time to shake things up a bit.

As mentioned in my last post I’ve updated the FAQ page of my site to reflect some new offerings. I am now available for sessions with my girlfriend, Miss Scarlet, as well as with my lover, Servant aka The Major. Additionally, though I’m not sure as of yet how well received it will be, I’m offering “just talk” sessions.

The former, again something that lacked some peeps with the right energy and skill set to make worth while. Half the fun of playing with those two will just be getting an excuse to have more sexy time with them. Goddess help the brave souls that walk into that energy storm.

The latter is something that I’ve been meaning to do for awhile. As most folks who have seen me know, I like to spend a good deal of time before any play begins, talking with my clients. How and when did they first know they were kinky? How long have they been exploring? Have they ever talked with their primary partners about their kinks? If so, did it go well? If not, would they like some suggestions on how to do so as well as some insight into why it’d be worth the risk? There’s something about the setting and circumstance that gets people to share things they very well may have never told another soul. Even some experienced players have never had anyone ask for their back story before. In addition to adding wonderful depth to the play that usually follows, I have seen these conversations address deeply held insecurities and fears. I have seen them inspire people to fight for the type of out-in-the-open lives they’ve fantasized about for years.

So maybe these bits of unexpected therapy can only occur as they stand, a surprising bonus to a sexy good time. But knowing how hard it is for folks to brooch these topics, even with a licensed therapist or a loving partner, I think the world has room for this type of judgement-free service. And, as I state in the offerings description, “I may not have all the answers…but I certainly have a unique perspective”.

As to the other new endeavor, endeavors actually, they are about 50% “why the hell not” and 50% “we may not save the world but we can certainly have some fun trying”. So upcoming, and hopefully entertaining, activities will include: a beautifully blasphemous photo shoot with me and Miss Scarlet as a couple of very naughty nuns; some educational, erotic and hopelessly irreverent video shoots of me doing some BDSM how-tos and product testing with Servant as my co-host and hapless victim; and more naughty MP3 files then you can shake a dick at(though I encourage you to try).

The scary part is that this is probably only the beginning.

Speaking of, I’ve already gotten started on the MP3 thang. You can listen to a sample as well as purchase another clip here:

You can also listen to another piece as part of Servant’s sick and twisted podcast “The Closeted Man’s Happy Half Hour”. Be warned that the program may start right up as soon as the page loads, depending on your computer’s settings.

You should also be warned, again, that the content is all pretty heavy on the humiliation side. If that sort of thing squigs you either don’t listen…or test your boundaries a bit by giving a listen but hovering your mouse over the pause button…if that hand ends up busy…I guess you’ve passed that test.

My style of play doesn’t usually stray down this particular perverted path, which is of course all part of the fun. In addition to the playful nature of those up coming video-casts, I’m working on some clips that are more in keeping with my loving, teasing, silly and sexy type of domination that appears to be so under-represented in media, but is so easy to find within the BDSM community. I often wonder if people could see more real, accessible folks with a sense of humor getting their kink on, as opposed to the cold, screeching Dommie McDomersons that seem to saturate the media, maybe they’d feel more comfortable letting their own freak flags fly.

So yeah, lots of new stuff, and only time will tell what the market will allow. Guess it’s a good thing that doing all of the above will be just as freaking awesome as any of it succeeding.

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