Sep 212009

Sitting here, enjoying the sunshine and posting about pervy things. Life is good.

Quick rundown of all the fun stuff from last week.

Things got off to a very inspiring start on Monday as I reconnected with a playmate who I hadn’t seen in many many months. He’s kept me updated on all the wonderful, though very difficult, personal work he’s been doing, through email, and we’ve had a couple of hang-outs. But the one thing we hadn’t revisited was playtime. Part of all the personal work he’s been doing was set in motion by an extremely intense, catharsis-based, medical scene we did. Since then he’s been a bit gun shy about BDSM and the part it plays in his life. Well Monday after 2 or so hours of quality catch up, and no small amount of theorizing on what kink may mean/do to him at this point in his process, we stripped him down and smacked him around for awhile.

Now I’ve always enjoyed my time with this boy. He is smart, responsive, very maoschistic, and just all ’round adorable. Our play, baring the medical scene, has usually involved strong sensation and lots of silly and sexy energy. But things have shifted in his world and mine since then and what emerged was something all together new and, well, beautiful. It’s not that the level we reached wasn’t possible before, it just wasn’t the right time and place for it till now. Folks who refuse to believe that such activities can have value beyond just having a kinky good time can kiss my pervy and proud ass.

Tuesday got together with Servant and laid down a couple more MPS tracks and got into a bit of nakid mischief. Got to love how he takes care of talent services. I’m getting more comfortable with this medium but REALLY need to start writing some of my own scripts. That is the task for today after this update. Looks like he’s in the midst of a site update so expect a view delays and navigation issues:

Wednesday went on a only slightly perverted, but plenty of fun filled, field trip to Woodland Park Zoo with my lovely girl. She’d never been before so I was extra pleased that we’d planned out trip for a cool overcast day mid-week. The place was at about 10% capacity but the animals were all kinds of active. A couple of critters, like the Hippos and the vampire bats, put on more of a show then I have ever seen from them and I usually visit the zoo a few times a year. Alas, its the wrong time of year for excessive randy behavior, so no critter on critter action this time around. Unless you count all the unrepentant smoochin done by two frisky redheads.

Thursday, Servant was back, this time with his buddy John and a video camera. Before you get too excited, no, we didn’t make any porn…well not as I define it at least. What we did create was a test drive of a new educational program/format. In this segment I give a quick hands-on, as in hands, and toys, on Servant’s ass, tutorial of “How to Spank”. I’m very pleased with the end results especially since it was our first time doing something like this, all content was un-scripted and we only did one take. Take a look and let me know what ya think:

Again this was me trying to teach, as well as trying to keep things in the PG range, so I wasn’t nearly as…um…gropie as I would usually be while smackin someone around. Still it gives a nice look into my silly play style for those of you who have been curious…but haven’t worked up the cojones to come see for yourself.

Friday, more time with my girl, this time with the addition of a bunch of my neighbors and whole bunch of alcohol. One of my buddies is about to jump ship for Oregon so I’ve been trying to sneak in some extra time with him. Much booze-fueled shenanigans ensued but we all managed to keep our clothes on…I think…

Saturday, hang-over reperations, breakfast involving home-made zuchinni bread(yes the Mistress knows how to cook), shower which led to a couple hours of hawt lesbian sex, and then before we knew it, it was time to prep for that evening’s party. The costume crew at the CSPC had decided to ride on the success of the last Steampunk party by taking over the entire, three building, space. In case you have yet to tap into the whole Steampunk thang, its basically Victoriana meets electric toys, lots of goggles and gadgets, corsets and khaki. The party was well attended and gave me the chance to catch up with some play-party pals…as well as watch a couple of them get throughly zapped.

More on this to come as the CSPC will be hosting a huge Steampunk Ball, December 5th at the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle. It’s sure to be a very glamourous evening, but not in a stuffy SAM fundraiser sort of way. Not sure if there will be full on play at the event(though I’m pretty certain there will be the afore mentioned electric toys”on display”) since unlike parties at the Center, this shindig will involve booze. There’s even talk of an absinth bar. Tickets just went on sale and I figured folks would appreciate plenty of notice so they can start working on their costumes. So here it is!

That’s all for now as I’ve got some dirty talk to write

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