Update from Pride weekend and a notice on scheduling.

First up, I had such an awesome Pride Weekend!

Block Party on Saturday which included checking in with my good buddy Irene at her massage booth.


Then off for shopping, silliness and much public smoochin, about to head home, stop to pee(and grab a touch of the Irish), back to the street just in time to catch a stroll with the Dykes March which caught us up with a fabulous(and extremely stylish) group of gal pals

who encouraged us to crash a birthday dinner at Poppy which resulted in great conversation, some spontaneous and spectacular future travel plans, truly amazing food, and an agreed upon location to congregate for the next day’s shenanigans. Serendipity for the win!

Eggplant fries drizzled in honey…I hate eggplant and still thought these were delicious…


Sunday caught the second half of the Parade(11am was just too early to manage), screamed myself a bit horse and had to fight back tears on a couple of occasions. Also had to keep myself from doing a fan girl attack on Waxie Moon.

Then, inspired by the dude in the “Everyone Loves Tacos” costume, our crew headed off to Mama’s Mexican Kitchen who were miraculously able to seat a party of 10 with almost no wait time.


Too much fun and a serious food coma brought us back home for some chill out with a Heroes Season 1 marathon, which seemed strangely fitting…

I’m constantly amazed and impressed by all the wonderful peeps in my life and my community. If you were involved in any of the above activities YOU ARE A SUPERHERO!!!

Pretty crazy weekend right? Scary thing is that’s how things will be looking for the next three weekends. Next weekend(the 4th) is completely spoken for and the two weekends after that have major social obligations which tie up most of my time. Being the Toppie Mc Topperson that I am, I prefer to have others all tied up as opposed being so very bound myself. SO I will try to leave room for at least one or two play dates the weekends of the 10th and the 17th, but they will likely go fast.

However, to balance some of that out I have decided to at least try and adjust one aspect of how I book appointments. As my schedule allows I will consider same day scheduling BUT I will only do so for 90 minute(also known as a session and a half) appointments. See my the FAQ page on my site for the tribute info. It still won’t be an option for most days, so don’t rely on it if you have the ability to schedule in advance, but when I can move things slightly if you ask real nice, say pretty please and are willing to make it worth the trouble…well, there are many more entertaining ways to redden the skin then a sun-burn…

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