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You don’t have to have read much of my journal to know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the work of Elisa Lazo De Valdez. I feel kinda squishy for her too, but our relationship is just that of unrelenting fan girl.

So of course I’d never pass up the opportunity to plug one of her amazing print sales. One day only on JUNE 1ST she’ll be letting us all celebrate her birthday with her by offering much more then half off the price of most of her prints.

All the info, as well as links where you two can see her work, can be found here:

One day only kids, you snooze ya lose, so make up your shopping list now and get ready to hit send on that email on Tuesday!

Hopefully later today I’ll be doing a write up of the shenanigans that went down at Iron Chef last night. For now I’m off to prep for a very special play date. Till then here’s on more photo from SEAF a friend of the photographer sent over this morning:

Don’t know her name yet, will track that down later too. But here’s what she said, somewhere out there in LJ land about the shot:

“I think it’s one of the best candids I’ve ever captured! It actually was dark (this was during the dance party) and a strobe went off when my shutter was open, lighting it up like this.”.

For my part, I just love smoochin that sexy belly. It’s surprising its taken this long for someone to catch me in the act.

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