Aug 182010



Is anybody on here?

Just in case there is, as well as entertaining suspicions that some of my playmates may still stop by from time to time to see how I’m doing, I’m gonna try something new. So I’ve mostly made the switch to Facebook. It’s where the majority of my ridiculously wide circle of friends and acquaintances do their postings. So its an easy place to pull up and read how a bunch of folks are doing all at once, as well as keep up on events, outings and birthdays. And of course its an extremely effective place to let others know how my life is going, if in a less weighted, enforced brevity sort of way.

It is the sad but unavoidable fate of all networking sites. don’t believe me? When was the last time you were on Myspace?

My Facebook account is totally public so even though you do need to be a Facebook user to access the site, you DON’T have to friend me to stalk my profile. It’s all right there in the open, completely privacy settings free(though I never use applications that scan or spam my friends list). But if you can friend me go right ahead and send a request.

My profile name is Katherine Beasley but here’s the link:

That said, I’m going to try a little experiment. I’ll try hoping over here when ever I post to FB. Even if that may mean a bunch of small random posts and silly links and things. I do miss longer rants from time to time, and I’ve been meaning to do more writing anyhow…so I guess I’m just saying don’t give up on LJ yet but make to switch if ya can. ‘Cause even if I do a big ranty post here…I’ll probably post about it on Faceboook.

SOOOOOO, update!

It’s summer, so many shenanigans have ensued. I’ll just buzz through the best parts of July.

There was a brief field trip out to the wilds of eastern Washington for a friend’s b-day. My first camp of the “season”. The trip was a bit multi purpose in that, as you may recall, early July had yet to see any weather that even a jaded Northwesterner would classify as summerish. So over the mountains went two sexy redheads in search of sunshine and silliness. We returned into deep cloud cover and rain with a few more freckles, a bit more vitamin D and in major need of a shower.

Very shortly there after i had to celebrate my own natal day. No I won’t say which one and it’d be rude of you to ask. 😉 Despite the better-late-then-never, though unnecessarily extreme, heat that chose my B-day to climax on(wow, that made it sound so much sexier then it was) a notable sized posse joined me for some old school food at an old school local eatery before waddling our way back to my building for more cocktails and conversation. Must say, if you have to grow older there are plenty of worse ways to do it. And damn but I know some fabulous freaks.

Then with nary a chance to recover from my hangover, three of my nearest and dearest invested in rituals of permanence. The GF got her very first tattoo. The unexpected bonus of which is that she now knows me to be even more of a bad ass, having undergone less then a third of what I experienced when I got my own work done. Well, that and watching all the boys in the shop wet themselves over her exposed flesh and fluency in loudly proclaimed profanity. Yep, that’s my girl…

The next day, dressed to the nines and accessorized with a bit of neosporin we got to watch two very sweet, silly, pervy people give in to a bit of societally approved public kink. The heat may have been more then what I wanted that week but I was glad the sun was there to shine on the newly formed, and now its legal, union of Jen and Zac.

The following weekend was all about good food and dirty folks. A bacon theme party in DT Seattle and just in case you’ve never tried you can indeed get smoked pork product into every course. The next night was considerably lower in cholesterol as it was the month’s high protocol dinner party I co-host at the CSPC. Never heard me talk about this? Well I’ll share more details later but here’s an ironic link with all the external details:

I think I’ll stop with July for now. But where’s all the sex you might ask? Oh, its in there. Between all the Big Social that is endemic this time of year I’ve still managed to find plenty of time for playmates and play dates. But some things I’m saving for my memoirs…or at least holding onto till the next lucky boy is tied to my bed. I’d hate for it to be old news when I whisper about it into his hungry helpless ears, ya know, on the off chance that anyone is still reading this.

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