May 272010

Just so those of you on here don’t think I’ve completely abandoned you for the easy brevity of Facebook, here’s a few rough ‘n tumble updates and info on fun stuff coming up.

First off, SEAF was awesome! Every year just keeps getting better and better. The show this time around was amazing, lots of sexy art and attendees. It really is the party of the year as far as I’m concerned And it sounds like 5000 folks agree with me on that as both Friday and Saturday ended up selling out. Didn’t purchase any art this time around as both the pieces I wanted sold before I could snag them. But I still got to enjoy them while I was there…in those one or two minutes when I wasn’t chatting up one of those 5000 hotties or sucking face with the GF. Though we’re hoping for more to come here’s a photo of myself and a couple of super sexy pals at the event along with a great write up of it from SF Gate:

Last weekend I attended this kick-ass conference:

Very informative event. It was a nice, often all too rare, opportunity to do some networking and chatting with other activist-minded sex-positive folks, many of whom are in the sex industry. As a result of said schmoozing I’ll be attending meetings of this admirable organization in June:

Tonight I’m off to this sold out event to support the lovely Allena. I strongly suspect its going to be hilarious as well as sexy. There may be puppets and silly hats. I’m just sayin. I had the pleasure of dinning with Reid on Saturday night and found him to be an impassioned and entertaining speaker. Like most of us, his path has been a winding one, and he sounds to have had a “very good time” on most of it:

Other fun stuff on the horizon:

Date with the GF to this party. We’re both playing with the idea of attending as the Gryhpon and the Mock turtle. Even if it weren’t at Neighbors there are sure to be plenty of queens already in attendance:

And for a much mellower outing with a special gal pal, of to the Comic Dungeon for the release(that sounds a bit dirty doesn’t it) of the second installment of the Virgin Project:

More in depth reporting hopefully in the near future. For now, I gotta game show to get ready for!

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