Aug 272009

This was a question posted to one of the local review boards today:

Wondering if I could get suggestions on toys, specifically dildo’s. Wanting to introduce my SO to the world of toys but want to start slowly. Your thoughts much appreciated.”

Of course I couldn’t help but respond:

I second Jill’s suggestion that you take a trip to Babeland. Make a romantic night of it by having dinner and drinks at one of the many restaurants in the Pike/Pine neighborhood, like Rosebud. I nice rosy glow from a bit of vino will help to loosen you both up enough to actually spend some quality time testing out the many toys on display.

There are any number of toy stores in Washington and on-line. Babeland’s special appeal is that the vast majority of toys, from vibrators to cock rings to dildos to floggers, have samples freed from their packaging. That way you can test them out a bit and get realistic perspectives of size, intensity of vibration, and texture. It’s a very female friendly toy store and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable about all of their products:


As to actual toy recommendations, I’m also a big fan of the Pocket Rocket which is small, powerful and relatively quiet. I’ve also had good times with standard vibrating eggs, also called bullets. I’d steer clear of anything with varied pulsing options as those never seem to match your own hythm quiet right…which is hella frustrating when you’re trying to get off. Both the pocket rocket and eggs/bullets are mostly for clitoral stimulation and aren’t too tricky to hold in place during penetrative sex.

One other toy w/attachments that I LOVE, especially to molest my girlfriend with(as well as a few lucky boys) is the Hitachi Magic Wand. This puppy is the old school classic vibe that many of our mothers had to help with their”muscle tension”. Personally, I think its too strong a vibe for clit based play(has a tendency to over-stimulate) though I know other’s that feel differently. But with any of the penetrative, g-spot stimulating attachments this toy really is magic. Again, a very strong vibe so it may not be right for someone whose never played with vibes before. Either way, I’d recommend letting her get used to the feel of the toy inside her BEFORE turning it on. With the wonderful attachments It’s VERY affective and can even induce squirting.

Here’s where I picked up one for my girlfriend recently. Least expensive site I’ve found and it comes with two attachments. We’ve very much enjoyed the curved blue attachment as well as the white Trinity Tri-gasm and g-spot attachments:


And boy’s deserve toys too. Though the curved blue attachment on the Hitachi works great for p-spot stimulation(just be careful of cross contamination if you plan to share it) I’d recommend ya spend some time on this site, especially the reviews page:


Wishing you many happy, sexy adventures!

M Katherine

Thinking about adding an addendum to it that my lovely girlfriend and I are available for live product demos. It sometimes seems wrong that our sexy time doesn’t have more of an audience what my neighbors happen to overhear.

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