Jan 052009

First up, Saturday at the Spot was much fun. Got a chance to chat with a few new friends as well as re-connect with old ones. Plans we’re hatched and I have since gone ahead and RSVP’d for the Fem Domme Tea which sounds even more fun then it had when I first read about it.

Apparently the set up is somewhat formalized in a manner that brings forth happy images from novels like Exit to Eden. A bunch of dominant ladies enjoying tea and finger sandwiches on a stage-like platform while below us a small herd of nakid, or mostly nakid, submissive men wait for the opportunity to be called into service. Human furniture and foot massages further sweeten the pot. And after chatting with some ladies and a couple of boys on Saturday it looks like there will be more then a few familiar faces to make the occasion special.

As lovely as it sounds though I am far too much of a service Top to play the queen bee all night and not give a little back. I’ll be bringing a bag of toys on the off chance that any of the help would like something a bit more invigorating then playing a coffee table or with my feet.

The event does remind me of this story from Ms. Susie Bright’s blog:


Her situation was a bit different but there’s a certain overlap and its still a fun and informative read that delves a bit into the issues within doing this type of ritualized power flip.

Next up, as most of you are surely aware, the economy right now sucks. With that in mind I wanted to do a couple of plugs for a couple of pals.

My BFF, and kick ass masseuse, Irene is good enough, and has a solid enough, cadre of devoted clients that she’s doing okay. But in our conversations it has become clear that for the first time in a very long time her schedule has some gaps. So if you’ve thought about getting in to see her, or tried and she was already booked up, now is the time to call.

You don’t have to mention how you heard about her, though you are welcome to give me credit. In either event, treat her well and don’t expect any extras beyond an amazing massage. She’s not that type of professional.


I couldn’t resist giving a plug to this wonderful Seattle establishment…especially since they appear to have paid for the services of a videographer to put together a commercial for them. Edge of the Circle, in addition to catering to the needs of those of us who are of “alternative faiths”, once upon a time played an important role in this city’s kink scene.

Many years ago before there was the CSPC there was the basement below Edge of the Circle. Before Allena and company had put down roots over on 15th they had play nights under Robert’s shop. They also ran a small cafe next door for awhile in the space now occupied by Honey Hole(good sandwiches, awful name). I seem to recall they were there for a couple of years at least but, as timing would have it, I only made it there once right before they stopped hosting events at that location. It was a VERY fun night, spontaneously untaken and exceedingly…inspiring.

They may not have people smacking each other around in the basement anymore but I still always manage to find something upstairs that brings a bit of sexy magic and mojo into my life every time I visit.

Anyhoo, here’s the video:

They’re located on the same block as Babeland, my favorite locally owned sex toy shop. So maybe next time you’re in the hood picking up a new toy it might be worth a stroll down the street to pick up a lover’s candle, some intention setting incense, or even a beginner’s book of incantations to help you find the kinky partner of your dreams.

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