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Well since I’m about to go get ready for this evenings adventures at the Wetspot I figured I should probably sneak in a quick post about last weekends fun.

For those of you who have been following my wanderings, last Sunday was the Fem Domme Tea at the CSPC.

The short version…I had an absolutely wonderful time. The evening fully exceeded my expectations.

Long and juicy version…I arrived late(yes as usual. Linear time can kiss my ass) and just caught the woman operating the door as she was about to close the register. I didn’t think the event would be a complete revolving door but there certainly hadn’t been any mention that the female attendees needed to show up by a certain time.

The men, of necessity, had been asked to arrive an hour in advance to “assist” with set up and I imagine receive a bit of training. It might also have been designed to give them all a chance to meet each other, share a few nervous smiles and, most important, disrobe.

For some reason when I put together mental images of what such an event would look like I ended up with two very different scenarios. Naked catering and the competitive games scenes from Exit to Eden.

The reality was somewhere in between but notably closer to the first. There were indeed plenty of pleasing nakid boys serving a group of fully, simply to elegantly, clothed women. There was tea and later cake. I will confess to, perhaps, making a couple of the boys make a few extra trips to the kitchen, something I would not have been inclined to do if they had just been waiters. I’m also not in the habit of asking my waiters to serve as my footstool. And I most certainly would not casually caress them like one would a pet when they were allowed to take a break from waiter, massage, or stool duties and sit quietly at my feet.

So a bit more then catering-without-clothes-on. But, alas, there was not naked male oil wrestling with the winning boy penetrating the “loser”. *sigh* In many ways life is better then fiction…but in this one case…

I spent a number of hours just hanging out being waited on and fully enjoying the attention, but being fairly distracted by all the amazing and inspiring female energy in the room. Of course, aside from polite instruction and correction, the men where not there to contribute to the conversation. So I ended up chatting with a number of women, new friends and old, but still wished I’d had more time to talk to ladies there as you could easily tell they were all worth getting to know.

Toward the final hours people started to break off into play groupings. I’d worried that there wouldn’t be enough activities to make the night worthwhile to anyone but the most hard core service sub. But, ah, considering how many boys I know fantasize about being the play thing of a number of women at once I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just us girls havin a good time. My pal Hotsauce invited me to join her for a bit of play with a sweet boy of her acquaintance who’d stuck pretty close to us all night. I was happy to oblige and it seemed more appropriate under the circumstances then just leaving him a tip. 😉

Some deeper thoughts on the overall experience. I have plenty of male pals who know to offer you a drink when they’re playing host in their own home. But spending a few hours with what is still in this day and age a note-worthy role-reversal made me quite aware of my own ingrained hostess nature. It took effort not to see to the needs of the women around me. And I don’t even see that as a submissive instinct but simply the polite thing to do. So it was nice to be able to morph that into more of a kinky exercise, by sending one of the boys to take care of what ever task I saw needed doing instead of doing it myself.

But I wonder if most men are aware of how often women clear their plates when they are done eating whether or not they cooked the meal or if it is even their home, offer them a beverage whether or not they are on their way to the kitchen, simply hand them a refill or some water without even asking, make sure to introduce them to people with a bit of info that will help them easily slide into conversation with an otherwise complete stranger. Goddess bless the men who notice, respect and appreciate these daily small gestures that make they’re world a more comforting place. Much love and appreciation to ones who offer such gestures in return.

And to the boys who volunteered to take things to the next level, exposed themselves to my whim last Sunday I “thanked” one that evening and the other, well, we’re plotting my demonstration of gratitude for the very near future.

If you are at all intrigued by the events described above I can not encourage you more to attend the next Tea on February 8th. Ladies, its a great chance to have some quality chat with a bunch of seriously kick ass dominant women. Gents, this is a great opportunity to show off your submissive skills and possibly win the attention of the Mistress you’ve been looking for. The women to men ratio was surprisingly 2/1, but it is a new event. I imagine there will be much chat over the course of the next month and attendance from both genders will increase.

All I can say for sure is that I’ll be there…and probably late.

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