Jan 032009

First up, short notice, but I plan on attending this event this evening:


I’ve never made it to one of the Saturday Pansexual Play parties but it should be fun. Admittedly, my main reasons for going are to catch some face time with a certain hottie I know(Hotsauce to be exact). Said lady was generous enough to point out that there will be a special event this evening…something about a couple of well-toned 20-something boys all oiled-up and giving into a bit of ritualized masculine aggression.

I think most modern sports are ridiculous attempts to play out basic human urges and would like to see more competition that involves excessively shiny, mostly-nakid, man flesh.

Not sure how late I’ll stay, as the size of the crowd this “scene” is sure to inspire might be more then I’m in the mood for tonight. But who knows, I might stay to play and close the place down.

A few other events happening at the center this month that I plan on attending would be the previously postponed Superhero/Villian party, the Fem Domme Tea and the monthly masturbation party, And I Touch Myself:

I’ve been spending far too much time stressing over what to wear to the dress-up party. I blame too many years in the theater, on stage and in the costume shop for my indecision. I do not have any interest in wearing a spandex, lycra, or other synthetic full-body suit all night. I’d also like to avoid the social faux pas of wearing the same damn outfit as some other chick. So Poison Ivy and Catwoman, two obvious choices given my hair color and temperment, are right out of the running. With all that in mind I’ve been toying with a few character/costume alternatives:

Mina Harper from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I’d certainly stand out among the brightly-colored and skin-tight crowd. Not necessarily a bad thing. And if I got too warm I could always strip down to my corset and petticoat.

Dark Pheonix ala the Xmen Final Conflict. Sassy outfit, I’d get to wear one of my favorite wigs, and if some other attendee shows up as Jean Grey its unlikely we will have chosen the same look:

Scarlet Witch is pretty cool. And even her more traditional look of pinkish sheer nylon body stocking and a red cyber-teddy wouldn’t be all that bad. But the bodice w/skirt or the leather bra top w/pants options are pretty hot. And I certainly have the hair for it:

If anyone reading this has an opinion, especially if you’re planning on attending this party too, please give me a shout out.

In other events, Fem Domme Tea on the 11th sounds like fun. Not 100% on this so I haven’t RSVP’d yet but I’m gonna talk to some gal pals and maybe get together a small posse to attend with me. Got to have my girls to engage in lively conversation with while we studiously ignore all the submissives, servants and furniture.


I haven’t made it to another masturbation party since my first, which is such a shame since I had so much fun the last time. It’s a ways off(1/25), and lord knows that leaves room for plenty of scheduling conflicts, but as of now I sure want to go:


Well I best get myself ready for this evening. Hope what ever you choose to do tonight is as fun and potentially pornographic as my plans.

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