Jan 212009

Saturday was the Pan Sexual Play party at CSPC that had been rescheduled from last month do to snowpacolypse ’08. If you’ve been following my blog then you’ve already read about my doing a bit of mental spinning over what the hell to wear. My original ideas were cast aside once I got the reprieve of a few more weeks to plan. Feedback from a few buddies helped me make the decision.

I ended up doing an adaption of Scarlet Witch. I even made the fairly ridiculous head-dress out of paper marche the night before. That’s right. Not all of my craft skills have to do with turning household objects into BDSM toys.

Despite my best of DIY efforts the damn hat still looked silly so I put it in my gear bag with the promise that if I did any play I’d wear the head-thing.

But my activities for the evening involved watching a lot of play, plenty of sassy socializing and even a bit of romantic intrigue. Though there was no smacking around of the people for me I had an absolutely fabulous night.

My good pal Hotsauce, who has been spearheading what I affectionately call “The Youth Group” at the Wetspot, had gathered her troops for the night. Which means that in addition to herself lusciously costumed in very little as Wonder Woman, there were a whole bunch of hot, playful young people(18-35) who had really gone the extra mile with their costumes.

I’ve always loved playing dress-up, part of why I throw so many costume parties myself, and its always fun to see others who geek out on it as much as I do.

My main fun of the night however involved a very handsome fellow who is fond of rope. We’d had one of those mutual and always invigorating “Hmmm. What’s your story cutie?” moments. After some entertaining chat, I was invited into the private back room to watch him do a suspension on the big bondage bed.

Picture if you will an utterly adorable girl all trussed up like a human swing. A creative and stimulating live soundtrack in the background of other people seriously getting their freak-on. A great big contact high from the collective mojo. And totally unexpected smooches. Ah, good times.

I ended up staying till the end of the night, too wrapped up in my conversation(and smooches) with rope boy to notice that it’d gotten so late.

But late it was, so despite my fully inflamed sex haze(WANT WANT WANT) I managed to keep my clothes on, say good-night to my new friend and drive myself home. So proud of myself but thank goddess for my large selection of vibrators.

I’m trying to take things a little slower with the sexing these days. And its not like I would have given in and had sex right there in the club(even if my partner had been willing) as I am not an exhibitionist and fucking at the club means fucking with an audience. Never say never but the idea isn’t appealing at this time. Besides patience is its own reward…or some such drivel…

Alas neither I or my guests were quite so good about keeping our clothes on the following night. Which was exactly as it should have been as I was hosting yet another Nakid Lady Party. Despite the porno potential in the title, a NLP is actually a clothing swap. And since the whole purpose behind such a party is to help the attendees get rid of all the clothes in their closet they can’t, or won’t, wear, trying on the new skirt you just found, while at the party, is encouraged.

Martinis* and other vodka laden beverages helped keep the party lively, open and un-selfconcious. We did invite the boys to join the fun. Folks were getting ride of household stuff too and there was a bit of boy clothing. But boys seem more inclined to wear things until they’re good for little more then household rags. You get new stuff(often from girlfriends) but ya keep the old stuff. I don’t know in case you need something to wear while re-building an engine or painting the porch(or to bum around in when the GFs not looking)?

In any event it was another great social night, if of a somewhat different flavor. Did get to decompress a bit with Hotsauce about the previous night’s fun. I’d lost her when I went off to watch the rope show and she went off to, um, study her bible I’m sure. We caught up and then went on to chat about the center in general.

Both of us had similar feelings the first times we’d dipped our toes into this particular pond. This was a number of years ago mind you but the general vibe hadn’t been so much rude as closed. Both of us had refused to give and had returned in our own ways after some time and have seen a notable difference. Hotter and more happening seems to be the consensus. I think that there are a lot more folks going and its kinda stirred things up a bit. And sometimes that’s all it takes. New folks, excited and curious, looking to meet people and folks that have been going for years, still get to have that level of familiarity, but also get to open up their circle a bit.

Personally I’ll be there a lot more often and you’ll be seeing many more posts about my adventures. This week will be the masturbation party on Sunday and I’m gonna try and make it the WERK lounge this Friday as it sounds intriguingly mellow. Again, I strongly encourage you to check them out, even if you’ve tried in the past and couldn’t quite find your groove.

Now is a time of change, and its happening all around us. It’d be a shame if you missed out on the party side.

*Special thanks to my Rock and Roll Hippie. I have finally mastered the martini and the bottle of Kettle One was a great help. Hope your ass healed up nice and slow.

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