Dec 222008

So I know I’ve been quite absent for awhile. But sometimes you need to get away from the computer and have some adventures. And the last couple of months have seen many. But since I’m pretty much stuck at home entertaining myself like most of snow-bound Seattle this week here’s a quick re-cap for those of you who haven’t seen me in person lately:

Hosted a big crazy Halloween party where this was the belle of the ball:

Probably 60 people showed up over the course of the night and I feel fairly certain that the vast majority of those ended up riding my new toy at some point. I’d purchased it the day before Halloween after a good pal called me from the Capitol Hill Value Village, while he was on it. He wasn’t sure what it was “supposed to be” but what it clearly was, was a sex machine. The above video is the original promotional material but I think this one more fully represents what I’m talking about(totally worksafe):

Next up was a trip to Portland, the goal of which was to have some quality one-on-one time with my peeps down south. My agenda was fully achieved. My only regrets were one missed sexual opportunity(that would have been acted on if I was on my own turf instead of abroad) and that Portland isn’t three hours closer so I can get face time more often.

The following weekend held two notably different but equally significant events. The first was a very important scene with a long time playmate. I don’t do solely cathartic scenes often, and this one was to involve medical role-play, some pretty intense sensation play, and a more formal interaction then my usual sexy Muppet style. I was both excited and apprehensive going into it. But I honestly could not be happier with how things turned out or more proud of my playmate for his bravery both at the time and in how he is working through what came up during the scene. 100% kinky coated awesome.

The other event was celebrating a good pal’s birthday, which has been known to be a painful process for some. To lighten the load of another year passing into dust I organized a small posse of zombie strippers to put a smile on his rapidly aging face. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with my own first attempt at zombie make-up. I might need to do this again at some point in the future. If anyone reading this has a zombie fetish my contact number to set up a session is on my website.

The fun never stops around here and the end of November found me on Orcas Island with a select few buddies, drinking whiskey around a fire, harassing deer, and otherwise communing with wildlife. The San Juans are one my favorite places on this planet and they did not disappoint this visit. I’ll be heading back at the first hint of spring thaw.

Well that almost brings us up to the present. December is usually all about helping folks balance out all those red and green tinged Norman Rockwell moments by giving into their unrepentant kinky little bitch and dirty pervy slut sides, scheduled, of course, around my own holiday obligations. Aside from a lovely bit of play with a few very naughty boys and some spontaneous gatherings with friends and neighbors all this silly white stuff has made a bit of a mess of my schedule. Sure am glad that all my Xmas shopping was done early and/or on-line. I’m excited about what I’ve gotten for all of my friends as well as the small blasphemous soiree I have planned for the night before the night before. Here’s hoping that folks will still be able to make it. I won’t say too much till after the 25th, but hopefully there’ll be more fun photos to share, possibly tomorrow, if I decide the combination of party prep and snow bound stir crazy needs to be shared.

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