Dec 142008

“Hey you, expert on all things ass.

I talked to my brother today, and he has been diagnosed w/a slightly enlarged prostate. I suggested he look into the benefits of prostate massage; do you know of any web-sites that you would recommend for someone who is ass shy, but might benefit from this knowledge?

He always thinks he’s dying…some ass shtupping might lighten him up a bit!


Hey Lady.

Glad to help. I think first and foremost the best website I have found
with regard to prostate health is this one:

It gives some great natural remedies and recommendations to not just
keep the P-spot healthy but to also help once any problems have been
diagnosed. I think a key thing is that the recommendations should be
tried way before getting set up on any pharmaceuticals. Specifically
the recommendation of saw pimento berries since the drug that is often
prescribed for enlarged prostates is just a scary chemical version(with
lots of scary side-effects) of this simple natural substance.

Its also worth checking out if all he’s really suffering from is a zinc

And eat more tomatoes!

There are a bunch of other websites out there that have to do with
prostate health but almost every other one I found was all about meds
and surgery. There is NO reason to go all nuclear when subtle
adjustments to ones life will do the trick.

Whether a man has been diagnosed with a problem or not, the best thing
he can do for long-term prostate health is to give it the love it
needs. As not just a gland but a muscle the prostate requires regular
exercise. Use it or lose it has never been more true.

As long as he is having orgasms on a regular basis(at least 3-4 times a
week) he’s getting a reasonable amount of exercise. But there certainly
isn’t any harm in a daily work-out routine.

I would think it was a no brainer but his doctor might not have pointed
out the necessity of regularly flushing out the prostate(ejaculating)
since the medical establishment is all too often squigged out by sexual
topics. Basically, the material that creates the ejaculate is collected
from many places in the body. Given the amount of toxins the modern man
is exposed to environmentally as well as from his diet, this increases
the likelihood that some of the ingredients for that happy juice might
be carcinogenic. The lining of the prostate is not as hearty. as say,
your stomach lining. Mostly because it was never designed to be a
long-term storage unit. By cleaning house as often as possible you
avoid giving that questionable material a chance to do any damage.

Direct prostate massage has the added benefit of making sure that your
purge is complete and mighty. Much like any athlete will benefit from
regular massage to insure that their bod is meeting its full potential.

And done well it feels AWESOME!!!!

This site has great info on how to get started with anal play. The only
thing I would add to the recommendations they provide would be: Probe,
thick and rich, is a great lube for anal play; Latex or nitrelle(sp?)
gloves can be nice whether its your fingers or someone else’s as are
condoms on any toys that aren’t hard plastic(much easier to sterilize);
and a gentle enema a couple of hours before can be an easy way to get
over any weirdness over how “clean” you are.

The Anerous is a great toy for men just starting to explore anal play.
It works very well as a solo play toy, though having an audience can be
fun too. I’d recommend he start with the smaller size(MGX), which will
still provide a good amount of P-spot stimulation but is less intense
then some of the more advanced ones.

The beauty of the above anal play advice is the potential energizing
effect it can have on all of his sexual activities. The simple act of
bringing in some new games, as well as all the conversations around
such additions, have been known to add more then a few sparks to a
romantic fire that may have been aloud to damper down to coals.

M Katherine aka The Ass Bandit

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