XXXmas wrap up

Despite all the silly white stuff falling in large quantities from the sky I still managed to get in some good natured holiday fun.

Hosted my own christmas party, affectionally known as XXXmas eve, on the 23rd. Friends farther afield weren’t able to make it but plenty o’ pals close at hand came over to decorate some non-traditional cookies:

Admire my loverly tree…

It looks so normal…until you get up close and see its covered with home-made porn-o-ments…

And then we all curled up on the couch and floor to watch that wonderful heart-warming cinematic chestnut…Bad Santa…

This was probably my forth time watching said flick and it just keeps getting funnier. The boxing scene is still my favorite. Laughed so hard I couldn’t breath. I’m such a sucker for a good sight gag, especially anything involving male genitalia and large amounts of pain. Isn’t that surprising?

Admittedly, it helps to have a room full of goofy pals high on cookies and mulled wine. Still, if you haven’t seen it yet add it to your Xmas list for next year. Just make sure the kiddies(and the easily offended) have gone to bed before you hit play.

No big gift exchange as everyone is feeling the pinch this year. I did however allow myself a small splurge and bid on one of the Strangercrombie auctions with my pals in mind. The auction was named Thirty is Dirty and was to commemorate Madison Market’s(our neighborhood hippie store) 30th anniversary. But the dirty part was what I was after for it included 30 vibrators and a bucket full of brightly colored condoms. Its the gift that keeps on giving with the added bonus of helping out a very worthwhile charity.

I, of course, had to test out one of the vibes…just to make sure they were worth sharing. Though it doesn’t have as many settings as a standard pocket rocket, it certainly gets the job done…and done…and done…and done.

Now thats what I call a merry freakin christmas.

Hope you all had as cheerful a celebration as myself.

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