Jun 202008

So I managed to get sex related battle scars the other day. The culprete…my shower massager. I got greedy. I don’t masturbate with my shower massager too often. It always feels lovely, but essentially power washing the pussy every day is not so good for the nether floral and fauna. And then there’s the whole “wasting” water thang. I mostly console myself over the last bit by arguing that I don’t have a lawn to water and I rarely bother washing my car.

Anyhoo, the first O was so nice I decided I wanted another one. But as is sometimes the case, the second one required considerably more…effort. And you know how it is, once you’ve invested a certain amount of energy, quitting is just not an option. But as a result of my adventures, my thighs and the sides of my ass were sore all day yesterday.

Still worth it.

In other masturbation news, despite a very disappointing first date with my new Hitachi attachment(see picture a couple of posts ago) that left me thinking that maybe I was just built different then other girls, we have conquered this technology! Much like the gonzo head attachment, the O is a long, intense, deep, almost inescapable experience. But the shorter and more effectively designed vaginal arm allows your bod to connect with the perfectly curved and nubbly clit stim at the base. The combined external(clit and anal) and internal sensations created more of a prolonged “It’s not just the destination, it’s the journey” type climax. Good build but not so long that you’ll get carpal tunnel or even the aches and pains that I dealt with yesterday.

I suspect the first failed launch had to do with a bad angle. I was trying to use it under the covers, sticking with my usual “bedtime story” system(buzz-HAPPY!-roll over-sleep). But the bat like design of the Hitachi made this ineffective. Holding the shaft almost perpendicular to the bod is the only way to go.

This leads into my biggest complaint of said toy and attachment..it is unbelievably loud. The wand alone can be noisy but by restricting its freedom of movement with the attachment hood, and some very determined kegal muscles, the other definition of power tool comes more into play.

I’m very open about my sex life, including masturbation, when I talk with friends, many of whom are also my neighbors. But despite that, I’d rather that they weren’t so blatantly aware of my solo sexual activities from the chainsaw noise emanating from my apartment. Some industrial grooves played a little loud provide the neccessary cover. Otherwise, any potential purchasers should be aware that the little old lady walking her dog by your house may end up knowing a bit more about your sex life then either of you are comfortable with.

Truth is I’m not much of an exhibitionist when it comes to sex. Though having an audience is not likely to throw me off my game when I’m in the zone. But it’s not something that I actively pursue. I am, however quite the voracious voyeur. I love hearing folks talk about their sex. Getting to watch or listen to people getting their freak on, even better. Watching my partners masturbate has always been one of my favorite intimate acts. Mainstream porn pales in comparison to real people experiencing real sexual pleasure. Which is why, at long last, I’m planning on attending this event at the Wetspot Sunday night:

And I Touch Myself

What: A night for sensual and sexual self pleasure, exhibitionism, voyeurism and more.
Schedule: Fourth Sundays
When: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM Free Discussion and Social 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Play Time
Where: At the Wet Spot
Who: 18+.
Cost: $15 ($20 a couple )


Self Gratification is highly underrated. Join us for a night of self pleasure. Solo masturbation, group masturbation, bukkake, masturbation as performance art…all is allowed and encouraged tonight.

Are you an exhibitionist? Does that thought of others watching you turn you on? Our space is set up for safe and friendly exhibitionism and voyeurism. Come and strut your stuff. Of course we always allow sex, so come and bring a partner and have as much sex as you’d like.

We are extending our special exhibitionist price for couples who attend this month (if you’re part of a threesome or moresome, each person is $10 as long as you’re all playing together)

I’ve been trying to attend this thang since it started and every single time I’ve had a conflict. But a very old friend(he’s known me since I was 16) has recently re-entered my life, at least in part do to a change in his relationship status. Not only does he have a kinky side that complements my own, he’s good company. And company was one of the things I was missing for this type of adventure. Bonus is that despite a certain sexual history, we’re really just looking to be there for each other not to be with each other. So I’ll be his wing-man and he’ll be mine.

Looking forward to it. Especially, as this blog topic seems to attest, I’ve been horny as hell lately and I’m hoping to keep that energy going by feeding my libido as much entertaining and exotic fare as possible.

Viva la difference!

*the trailer at the top of this post is for the movie Shortbus. If you haven’t seen it get go out and rent it right now! Not only is it incredibly sexy, funny, and heart warming in equal unexpected measure, but that this film even exists is a miracle of modern movie making. Make sure to watch the extra features about how(and why) they pulled it off.

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