Rain makes me happy

As does starting my day by getting a package from a wonderful NYC pal involving two, count them two, beautiful new shades of nail polish. When she was last here I’d commented on the shade she was wearing and we were both of the opinion that it might take awhile for it to make it to the west coast…but not if you FedEX them!

Today’s “Big Productive” will now include the application of these lovely shades to my fingers and toes. All of this week’s playmates had better plan on spending some quality time admiring said appendages.

In other news, Sunday’s fundraiser, Accelerant, was much fun. AND I totally scored booty. Though all proceeds from the bar went directly to the production, the main money making mechanisims were a raffle and silent art auction. I knew I’d buy some raffle tickets as well as a couple glasses of wine. But I only expected a reward from the booze. I’m well aware that I have many gifts, talents and abilities. Luck at games of chance has never been one of them. Lucky in love I guess.

So I was quite surprised when, as I was standing at the bar readying to purchase that second glass of wine, my number was called. I squealed, shouted, then ran across the room like I’d just been told to “come on down” by Bob Barker. I was a bit too flustered to fully understand my choice of prizes but feel that tickets to the Annex and a GC at a local restaurant was a better option than a fire spinning lesson and tools. I am somewhat less likely to light myself on fire over dinner and a show.

I also bid on and won this beautiful piece by Bruce McLean in the art auction, much to the envy of a couple of girlfriends who liked the fond memories the pose inspires…

As part of the festivities we were also gifted a pre-view of the up-coming performance. I’d like to start of by saying that, honestly, I don’t usually “get” dance. Despite my theater background it is the performance art that I have always had the least amount of skill at, so sometimes it is difficult for me to understand what I’m seeing on the stage. That said, Rachel made me cry a little. Just a bit of misting but it was only a 5 minute snippet in the midst of an otherwise joyous party vibe. But I think it is a credit to her, and her troupe’s, ability that it only took less then 5 minutes to illicit an emotional response. I am very much looking forward to seeing what she will do with over an hour of my focused attention. I plan on bringing kleenex this time.

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