Merry Christmas to all and to all a good spanking…

So the holidays are FINALLY over, thank Goddess. Had a lot of fun times with good folks, but jeez, it does inspire the crazy in people. Biggest demonstration of that in my world was the ridiculous number of people that contacted me on December 30 and 31st trying to book time with me for the last day AND night of the year.

Not only do I never do same day scheduling, do I seem like the type of woman who would be without plans for New Years? One of those things that could have been insulting but I think mostly reflected negatively on the people calling.

As it turns out I was hosting a very enjoyable smallish scale soiree at my place. Not too kinky although my group tends to be very physical with each-other. I think the term gropie applies. No full on BDSM although in the process of showing off some of my new toys I got a nice round of spontaneous spankings going on. The main inspiring item was a new favorite of the recent holiday additions to my arsenal.

Being self-employed means that I miss out on certain corporate traditions. Like mind-numbing soul-crushing monotony. But also fun stuff like secret santa gift exchanges. So I decided to make ebay my secret Santa this year. I might have known exactly what I was getting but it did arrive wrapped.

I’ve been wanting to post about my new toys because…they’re so pretty…and to give potential playmates a heads up. So I’d like to introduce you to the newest members of my kinky little family:

Couple of new leather paddles. The ping pong style is fun but the spatula shaped one is a bit ungainly. It could work well on bigger boys and girls though.

Couple of new wooden paddles. The fraternity style one is made of recovered wood from an old farm house or something. The other one, that looks a bit like a wooden pizza spatula, is actually an antique butter paddle from back when people had to make their own. Woohoo! BDSM with the Amish! This toy was what inspired all the spanking at New Years. It’s very light and perfect for a good two-handed bat like approach. Love it despite the county-kitsch heart at the hope of the handle.

Couple of rubber paddles. The one on the right is from Toys in Babeland and is wicked heavy. The other was a recent surprise gift from an obviously masochistic playmate and is perfectly light for extended play. Both are oh so stingy.

I did try and balance things out with some wimp…I mean, lighter sensation toys. That’s a rabbit fur mitt and the other is a massage toy. Hard to make the first vicious, unless someone is allergic to bunnies. But the Bonger(yep, that’s honestly what its called) could be intense depending on what you hit with it.

This last add was a very special gift from a long time playmate who I’ll call birthday boy(since we share the same date). He knew it was something that I was planning on getting for myself and insisted I let him get it for me. And although the house rule for toys is “you bring it – you break it in”, in this instance, I gave him a rain check. I’ve played with a Violet Wand before but only on the heavy end of the spectrum. I wanted to test out the lighter attachments on someone else first and then bring it into our play. I finally got a chance to break it in the other day and WHHHEEEEEE!! its so much fun. So if you like electric play give me a call. Not sure what this is? Check out this site:

Despite all the yummy booty that December brought I’m glad that my life has, for the most part, settled back into normalcy. Still plenty busy though. I guess a lot of people made “be more kinky” their New Year’s resolution. So if you wanna help me break in my new toys I STRONGLY advise you to plan ahead.

Till then, may the New Year find you healthy, happy and horny.

Goddess bless.

*The opening image is of white roses, a lovely gift received yesterday from my sweet lion cub, and White Lightening, a wonderfully wicked cane that I picked up at Babeland earlier that day. I didn’t use the cane on my cub, but I did use one of the roses. His own fault for not removing the thorns.

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